Everyone’s Dumping On Comey, But He’s Laughing All The Way To The Bank

James Comey, the former head of the FBI, who was ceremoniously fired by President Trump, and who some people say single-handedly destroyed Hillary Clinton’s chances to be elected president, has written a controversial book (just in case you live in a cave and haven’t heard).

Comey prides himself as person of honor, professionalism and truth. Unfortunately very few Americans would endorse his assessment.

How is it possible for a man to be so despised by both ends of the political spectrum in the country? Trump lovers are outraged by Comey’s very personal and unfiltered onslaught of the president in public appearances (to hype the book) and in the book itself (many juicy excerpts have already been shared with the public to encourage book sales).

The high and mighty Comey sarcastically addresses Trump’s orange hair and the white rings around his eyes (probably from a tanning bed that was secretly brought into the White House). He stoops even lower by suggesting that Trump’s hands are not impressively large (meaning you know what- wink, wink). That’s a lot of trash talking for an over-sized man that can barely fit through a normal sized door who destroyed his own legacy.

Trump advocates resent Comey’s attack on the president’s character. He has used every conceivable negative adjective to describe Trump. They include misogynistic, narcissistic, liar, self-aggrandizing, arrogant, and condescending. He did indicate that he thought Trump has above average intelligence (in the context of knowing right from wrong). Whew!

Comey would not be satisfied if Trump were to be impeached by Congress. Rather he wants the electorate to publicly savage him in an election to atone for voting for the president in the first place. How can one man hate another to such an extent? I guess it’s to be expected because Trump discarded Comey.

For such a high and mighty and principled person, Comey is quick to criticize others who did not live up to his standards. These include Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General, who has been scrambling trying to save her reputation. Comey said that her actions were detrimental to the Justice Department because she politicized the Clinton investigation.

But the most outrageous acts by Comey were his inane announcements that Hillary was, at first, not being investigated further, and then, right before the election, was being investigated.

Republicans believe that Clinton lost the election because she conducted an incompetent campaign that included bad decisions about where to focus in the final days before the election.

Democrats believe that Comey sanctimoniously opened his big mouth just before the elections to announce that Clinton was being investigated, and it cost her the presidency. The strangest part of Comey’s actions is that he ran afoul of FBI policies relating to comments about ongoing investigations. Then again the man leaked information like a rusty can, which is also against FBI policies.

America does not need bureaucratic lawmen like James Comey to save them from anything other than dangerous criminals. Politics is clearly not among Comey’s strong suits. Just ask Hillary if you think otherwise.

Comey has gone too far with his mouth and his pen. The book is a way for a very disgruntled and abject failure of a government hack to try to save his reputation and make a lot of money.

Regarding the latter Comey will be successful because Trump haters are dying to read more about all of the president’s character flaws, even though they’ve already been identified, analyzed and promoted endlessly.

Regarding Comey’s reputation, it’s too late for redemption. Writing salacious books may the only way for Comey to support himself because no self-respecting company will hire him.

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