Lauding The Syrian Missile Attack Does Not Mean One Is A Trump Lover

I can hear the mumblings across the Internet. “This guy is a Trump lover and an apologist. He’s hopelessly smitten by the worst president in history.”

It’s not true. But problems began to surface after I published my Sunday essay entitled “A Masterful Response To Syrian Atrocities, Yet Americans Criticize Trump.”

In the piece I offered a laundry list of reasons why Trump and the US military deserve kudos for a job well done in Syria. The mission of the US airstrikes was to degrade Bashar al-Assad’s ability to conduct chemical warfare on his own people. What could be wrong with this objective? If you watch CNN and MSNBC, and listened to liberal lawmakers, there was plenty wrong. Even some conservative members of Congress found fault with the airstrikes.

These criticisms emanate from a deep-seated hatred of Donald Trump. Forget he’s the president and responsible for the safety and well being of our country. Forget he will be representing every American for the next two plus years- unless Congress can figure out a way to impeach him.

The fact is many Americans will continue to be unhappy with Trump regardless of any achievements. At an earlier point in his presidency I wrote on this blog that if Trump were able to keep his campaign promises, he would be unbeatable in 2020. I no longer believe this to be true. Many Americans want him out no matter what. I think it’s disappointing that this president is judged solely by his personality, and everything he does is irrelevant.

The Syrian attack is a perfect example of misguided loyalties in this country. The missile onslaught led by the US was a righteous decision by our government. The reason for the military action was to stop Syria from using weapons of mass destruction, chemical agents, against its own citizens.

Syria’s chemical actions were universally criticized by almost every nation and the United Nations. Women and children were poisoned and suffocated by these chemicals. Is this justification for the US to attack the perpetrator’s chemical facilities? How can the answer be anything but a resounding yes?

The US did everything possible to avoid collateral damage. As far as we know few if any civilians were killed or injured in the attacks. The military action took place at 4 a.m. local time when few people were not working at the chemical facilities. Also the US gave Russia a heads up about the impending assault so that it incurred no losses. This was done to avoid retaliation by Russia.

American armaments worked perfectly. The missiles were aimed at chemical facilities and hit those targets.

And finally a substantial part of Syria’s stock of chemicals and ability to use them for military purposes were severely impacted.

In my last blog I indicated that Americans should be grateful that Trump approved a measured strike and innocents were spared. Additionally no coalition military personnel were killed or injured. Why isn’t it reasonable for Americans to be proud that the US attacked weapons used by a mass murderer?

People on the left are finding many reasons to criticize, and not congratulate, the president and our proud military.

If lauding this military action makes me a Trump lover in the eyes of Trump haters, so be it.



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