Stop Robert Mueller’s Fantasy Investigation Now

Why the hell would the president cooperate in any way with Robert Mueller? His only objective is to manufacture evidence that will bring down the Trump administration.

If Trump is guilty of some crime, he should avoid the prosecutor like the plague. If he’s innocent, his big mouth will likely result in misstatements and exaggerations, and the president will be charged with perjury.

Robert Mueller is on a mission. It’s always the same drill with Special Counsels. They are like black mamba snakes that relentlessly pursue their prey. Mueller is not a person to trifled with or challenged in a test of manhood. Keep in mind he has no budget or time constraints. More illegal and/or embarrassing revelations are certain to arise if the investigations go on without limitations.

Prosecutors are expert at interrogating hostile witnesses. They look for weak links among the associates of the people they wish to convict. With threats, relentless pursuit and costly legal action, investigators make deals by offering immunity to small players to trap the big ones. And there is no bigger player than a sitting president.

General questions evoke long responses and must be answered very carefully. Trump should not put himself in a position where he attempts to showboat or one up Mueller and his band of legal henchmen. I’ve seen enough “Law and Order” episodes to know that you should never volunteer to speak with the authorities.

Mueller is on a perpetual witch-hunt. Trump should not put up with his foil’s intentions to investigate until he uncovers the smallest offense in an effort to bring down his administration. It’s puzzling why the president has allowed the expedition to continue for so long. So far very little has been revealed other than some unrelated crimes by a small group of Trump’s lower level staff. If there were a major crime discovery, like actual collusion, the leakers on Mueller’s staff or the Department of Justice would have already called the New York Times as an unnamed source.

Why are some Republicans supportive of Mueller’s odyssey? The president should be focused on making peace with North Korea (choose between sex with a pornographic actress or nuclear proliferation). And there is the pending extension, or abrogation of the inane Iran nuclear arrangement.

The economy is fragile and needs attention. Health care is a mess and must be reformed. Immigrants continue to pour across our borders exacerbating an already untenable situation. Terrorism is flourishing in the Middle East and around the globe. Russian and China are more aggressive each passing day. Trade relations are a disaster. But Trump is wasting time with Mueller.

It was recommended on this blog that Trump give Mueller 2 or 3 months to wrap up his investigation and report his results. Funding should end and the Special Counsel’s cream puff gig should come to a conclusion. It’s time to get off the pot.

Trump doesn’t care about making friends, so if any of the geniuses in Congress, Republicans or Democrats, have a theoretical or metaphysical problem with terminating Mueller, who cares? Impeachment is a Democratic pipedream.

Republicans are going along with Democrats in an effort to “avert a constitutional crisis” if Mueller is fired or is forced to end his investigative fantasy. Lawmakers say they are concerned about the Constitution and the rule of law. Actually getting reelected is their only concern. Showboating, even if it’s against their own president is the way to win voters, they think. It’s not. Trump or someone who defeats Trump in the primaries is the only person who can save the majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress.

The sanctimonious garbage spewing out of Congress is disgusting many Americans. Trump is getting higher polling results than Congress.

Democrats are lost. Their has-been leader, Nancy Pelosi, can’t take a hint. She’s resisting all efforts to finally put her out to pasture. This is a windfall for the GOP. The party has nothing to hang its hat on, except Trump. What is the liberal plan for Korea, Iran, immigration, health care, racism, student loans, etc.?

Democrats are so into telling us day after day that Trump is a bad guy, they forget to legislate, govern, plan, offer alternatives or anything else that a politician is supposed to do.

I say stop the investigations of pornographic stars, Playmates and $130,000 nondisclosure deals. Stop Mueller from wasting more money and time on the most ridiculous bridge to nowhere. Frankly Trump’s people were not and are not capable of colluding with another foreign government to influence an American election.

2 thoughts on “Stop Robert Mueller’s Fantasy Investigation Now

  1. Good Lord! Why do you think that every loyal republican who’s been interviewed by Mueller, is on TV BEGGING Donald not to talk to Mueller. They say that Mueller already knows the answers to the questions before he asks. We’ve seen the questions, so we know what Mueller knows. Loyal republicans are also screaming “PERJURY TRAP”. Welllll, if you don’t lie, there’s no perjury. If he can’t sit for 2 hours without lying, then is he capable enough to be president? If he’s expected to lie in answer to the 49 questions, then the loyal republicans apparently know that he’s GUILTY! Else why would he lie and why would they be so upset? How obvious is this?

    The VOTERS who are for him also believe he’s guilty. They actually TELL US they don’t believe what he says. They just DON’T CARE that he’s a sex offender, liar, racist, con artist and probable traitor. They identify with him. Good Lord, What does that say about 30% of the American public?

    By “loyal republicans” I mean people who are more loyal to Donald and their own job security than to their constituents and their country.

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