Something Is Rotten At The F.B.I.

As my source, I used a New York Times front-page article to recapitulate the missteps of James Comey and the FBI. Things are truly rotten at the FBI.

It must have been difficult for the Gray Lady, aka the Times, to indict the FBI, a supposedly apolitical government organization, for breaking rules, distorting the truth, supporting Hillary Clinton, denigrating Donald Trump, leaking to the press and trying to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The comments you are about to read below are those made in the Times and were not subject to editorialization.


  • The FBI has a destructive culture and Comey, specifically, was insubordinate.
  • Senior officials of the FBI implicitly and explicitly backed Clinton.
  • Comey broke longstanding policies.
  • Comey publicly discussed an investigation of Clinton relating to her misuse of a private server handling classified information.
  • The Inspector General referred five FBI employees for possible discipline over pro-Clinton or anti-Trump commentary in electronic messages.
  • FBI agents were far too cozy with journalists.
  • There was a breakdown in the FBI chain of command, as the Attorney General acceded to Comey during the most controversial moments of the Clinton inquiry.
  • Public confidence in the FBI has been damaged.
  • There is doubt about the FBI’s mishandling of the Clinton investigation, and it remains politically divisive two years hence.
  • Two senior FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, exchanged disparaging texts about Trump.
  • Christopher Wray, the current FBI head, said he took the IG report seriously but that “[The FBI’s] brand is doing just fine.”
  • Comey injected the FBI into presidential politics.
  • FBI officials have been reprimanded for injecting their opinions into legal conclusions.
  • Comey withheld his plans about future investigations from his Department of Justice superiors.
  • FBI agents wanted prosecutors to be more aggressive [with Clinton] creating tension between them and FBI leadership.
  • Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI was dishonest.
  • A large number of FBI personnel in constant contact with journalists impacted the FBI’s ability to identify the sources of leaks. [This comment makes no sense. In effect the number of leaks is preventing an investigation of leaks.]


The big question is: should Americans be disenchanted and disappointed with the FBI for its actions relating to the 2016 election? Absolutely yes. The FBI was biased towards one candidate, and it and tried to protect Clinton while simultaneously attempting to discredit Trump. Ironically, Comey and his people were so incompetent that they hurt Clinton’s chances for reelection.

What rubs many Americans is that Comey is still on the loose, lying and distorting events and denying his culpability while earning millions from his book. Since when does our country allow scoundrels to earn money from their misdeeds? It happens too often.

The FBI’s reputation has been besmirched whether anyone in Washington wants to admit it or not. It’s time that new leadership is installed that isn’t stained by the actions of Comey and will not give wrong doers a pass on their misbehavior.

FBI field agents are just as effective as ever. It’s management of the organization that needs to be revamped, starting with Wray who feels that everything is just fine.



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