Elizabeth Warren For President. Really?

From time to time, after I hear that President Trump tweeted yet another inane comment, I begin to have nightmares about Democrats taking control.

As much as I would like to see the Trump era end at the hands of a fellow Republican (like Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley), I’m unsettled about the possibility of a Democratic wave. All Americans should fully appreciate what America would be like under Democratic rule. It will be very different.

The worst possible alternative for the country and for Democrats is Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). There are so many issues that make this politician a terrible choice, the most important one being that she won’t beat Trump or any other credible Republican opponent in the general election. Yet she’s been touted as the leading Democrat presidential candidate in recent days.

Warren is a radical left wing ideolog. She wants to eviscerate important institutions including Wall Street firms and banks (that provide capital for corporations to grow), large companies (that hire many millions of Americans), immigration officials (that protect our porous borders) among many others.

Staying with Democratic leadership, and I use the term loosely, the heads of the Senate and House minorities, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have proven that their time has past. Their control over their caucus is tenuous and several young lions are eager to replace them. If the Democrats win over Congress, the nation would be subjected to a barrage of new spending that will outpace Obama’s eight-year spree that radically decreased our country’s fiscal security. Moreover we should not expect any compromise or comity in either house of Congress from these leaders.

Of great concern is that the Democratic Party is moving to the far left and becoming more socialistic with the likes of Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT). All are screaming for big government and massive giveaways at the expense of the taxpayers. This would create higher deficits and be the end of US exceptionalism. Capitalism, a critical element of this nation since its birth, would no longer prevail.

In the past, liberals proclaimed their progressive vision in the primaries to build the base, and then they moved to the center in the general election. This was something Bill Clinton was so adept at. No more, Democrat candidates are going far left right out of the box and will remain there until Election Day.

A Democratic Congress would cast aside fiscal moderation. It would expand government by enacting greater and more expensive entitlements. Informed Americans already know the US is unable to pay for current entitlements, many of which became law during Obama’s administration.

Universal health care, guaranteed income, free college tuition and a cornucopia of other freebies will surely bring the US deeper into debt. By the way, has one entitlement ever been rescinded by Democrats after it served its purpose? Our government cannot afford to layer on more spending programs until current laws are changed. Social Security and health care are creating more financial havoc every year because our lawmakers don’t have the political courage to introduce sensible reform.

Have you noticed that Democrats are unwilling to work with Republicans on any issue if it enables the president to claim victory?

Immigration reform is needed to care for DACA children and current young ones that have been separated from their parents. Democrats scream “foul” but will not compromise because it might enhance Trump’s reputation.

Democrats have worked diligently to protect illegal aliens at the expense of law-abiding citizens. The formation of sanctuary states and cities is a stain on America. Border officials are prevented from doing their job of protecting us from violent criminals coming across the border.

Democrats want open borders. It’s a way to alter the political balance in the long run, as immigrants are more likely to support liberal causes. But what does it mean in the short run? Every illegal immigrant will be granted asylum or amnesty.

For many years immigrants came to this country to make a new life for their families and to assimilate into our culture. It took time and hard work, and law-abiding, productive individuals eventually became citizens.

No foreigner has a divine right to enter our country illegally. There is a process. They must prove that they will obey our laws, pay taxes and be loyal to our government. But liberals truncated the process in recent years, and now there are 10 to 15 million illegals in our midst, taking jobs and using services that cost taxpayers over $100 billion annually.

Under Democrat government more illegals will come to our country and change our society and culture. This phenomenon will not be good for America long-term.

The most idiotic criticisms from the left relate to efforts to work with dangerous enemies. Russia and China are super powers along with America. They have large arsenals of nuclear weapons, huge standing armies, growing economies and a desire to spread their way of life. Both detest and are fearful of America’s businesses and military. Both are belligerent and untrustworthy. Notwithstanding this, Trump has been trying to establish a dialogue with the leaders of Russia and China with varying and spotty results. It may not work out, but it’s insanity to let bad feelings fester and risk war, as was the case during the previous administration.

North Korea has come to the negotiating table. There is a chance that it will ultimately agree to denuclearizing itself in exchange for security and economic support. It’s going to be a lengthy process because our leaders do not trust North Korea’s leaders, and they are wary that the US is not honest about its intentions. But Trump has gotten further than any other president since the Korean War. You can be sure Democrats would sabotage this process if possible.

In fact Democrats have become notorious for criticizing without offering alternative solutions. It’s always the same whining about Trump’s unorthodox, aggressive and self-serving methods of operation. In fact it’s shameful that so many liberals hope the US fails in efforts to make peace and level the playing field for US businesses.

Every day we hear the same trite moaning from Democrats about Hillary being cheated out of the election and collusion of Trump with Russia before he became president. Democrats have kept these red herrings alive in an effort to bring down their president.

Americans should realize that Democratic sentiment is not good for America. It will weaken us just as Obama did by drawing lines in the sand and failing to act. America can no longer be the patsy of the world, the ATM for all needy regimes. We should be respected and treated with dignity. Harsh actions by Trump are difficult to swallow. We all wish it were different. But it won’t be until someone stands up to the anti-American sentiment in the world.

And finally, we all should appreciate that the standing of the US internationally will be better served in the hands of Republicans than with the likes of Elizabeth Warren.

One thought on “Elizabeth Warren For President. Really?

  1. from one republican to another…i think we need to be fair when lambasting democrats for ballooning deficits and blocking the legislative agenda. While the Obama era was a doozy, the current republican president, with a republican controlled house and senate, passed a budget that adds tremendously to the deficit and simultaneously failed to do anything to fix the ticking time bomb that is our entitlement system. Similarly, the republican congress acted the same way under Obama as the democrats in congress are acting now. Simply put, it’s pathetic all around and it’s hard to envision it changing anytime soon. Personally, I think a 3 party system is the only way to avoid gridlock and bring back collaborative governance but that’s a tall order.

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