Kavanaugh Has Become The Poster Boy For Feminists

If you are a male it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ward off feelings of self-loathing given all the criticism about us. We are all vile sex deviants according to feminists, several of whom are Democratic senators. The #Me too hysteria has swung far to the left and is tearing the country apart.

In the New York Times op-ed section yesterday, there were two articles that lambasted men. One related to the decision about Senate Republicans proposing to employ female prosecutors to question Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.

Ironically, I thought this was a sensitive, sincere and civilized gesture on the part of the all-male Republican contingent on the Judiciary Committee. I’ll bet an anti-male article would have been forthcoming regardless of whom the Republicans proposed to appoint to question the accuser.

The other story is a general bashing of men, fraternities, sports groups, affluence, private schools, etc. It discusses the misogynistic antics and alcohol consumption of male party animals. The article is titled “Pigs All the Way Down.”

I was at a gathering this week that included several highly intelligent and successful women. It appeared that that the judge, jury and executioner has already decided. As far as I could tell all of them believe that (a) Kavanaugh is a liar and (b) Kavanaugh is going to overturn Roe v. Wade (as if he alone could do this). As an aside, I believe the majority of women feel the same way.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court nominee intends to testify under oath that he never sexually assaulted any women; he was a virgin until after college; and he never exposed his private parts at a drinking party.

Regarding Roe, it seems to make no difference that Kavanaugh resoundingly supports stare decisis, a precedent or authority in a legal case that establishes a principle or rule. This means that it would be next to impossible to abrogate Roe, even if Kavanaugh thinks the decision was misguided or unconstitutional. In any case, I suspect there would be a revolution if the law were to be changed.

I think the #Me too movement is a terrific thing for all woman. I’m delighted that women are implicating men who have abused them. It is particularly important when they bring down men who use(d) vaulted positions (as a boss, mentor, priest, doctor, teacher) to have their way with women (and other men).

I’m disheartened that Kavanaugh is the poster boy for the ire of all women. He’s led an honorable life, and has been a good judge, husband and father, by almost all accounts. It’s unfortunate that without corroboration he is being viciously attacked for political purposes by Senate Democrats who are abusing the court of public opinion. Note: The bar is much lower in this court than in a real trial of innocence or guilt.

The alleged event happened 30 years ago and someone’s recollection is cloudy. Very young people, not adults, were involved. My recommendation is that #Me too begin to shift its focus to prospective abuse by males rather than dwelling on alleged abuses by youngsters that may or may not have occurred decades earlier.

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