A 2020 Election Roundup

We are less than two years away from the 2020 elections. Presidential candidates are popping up all over the lot. It’s worth taking stock at this time regarding the various people and issues that will impact the next general election.

Let’s start with the incumbent. He’s really great at political rallies, and is an expert at stirring up his base. Yet very few presidents in history have evoked the scorn that Trump has from other politicians, women, millenials, business people and foreign leaders.

The administration has put together an impressive number of achievements during the past two years, much to the chagrin of the opposition. Our economy is doing very well. Rich people are getting richer in the stock market while the middle class has been uplifted by low unemployment, low inflation, higher wages and more confidence in the economic system. It’s been a good time for the most part, even though income inequality is continuing to make liberals go bananas.

The president is intent on keeping his campaign promises. In many areas he has been successful. These include the appointment of conservative judges, reducing government regulation, abrogating inane arrangements with our enemies (Iran and Russia), improving trade arrangements and even forcing increased expenditures by NATO members for military equipment.

The initiative that has sucked all the air out of the room is immigration and the construction of a wall on the Mexican border. The efficacy of a wall is still being debated, but the need for immigration reform is as clear as a bell.

If the liberal press was not dead set on denigrating Trump, and if he was not such a despicable character always pushing the edge of the envelope, America might just go ahead and give him another term. But scandal, real and created and by the press, and a propensity to lie and exaggerate are going to make it difficult for Trump to survive until 2020 and win the election.

Only a small number of Americans, far less than a majority, really support Trump wholeheartedly. He’s not attractive, eloquent or statesmanlike. He’s damn hard to like. Many Republicans say they are still for Trump because of his conservative positions on security, defense, abortion, guns, etc., but they would love to have a person representing them that was not such an ogre.

Democrats have decided to move in a direction that will greatly help Trump in 2020. Most of the candidates are strongly in favor of initiatives that are far-fetched, and frankly, dumb. These contenders are not shy about revealing their socialistic urgings in spite of the history of this ideology. It has no staying power, it dashes exceptionalism, it has never succeeded economically, it drives the middle class into poverty and the leaders are always tyrannical. Republicans are going to have a field day in coming months portraying Democratic candidates as incompetent and dangerous to our economy and way of life.

The emerging leaders of the party have no qualms about their blossoming socialistic objectives. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a budding leader of the Democratic Party, is a proclaimed socialist. She has developed her perspectives while standing behind a bar in the Bronx serving cocktails. At 29 she has not been alive long enough to appreciate the intricacies of government, economics or politics. Yet, if she were old enough she would probably be a candidate for president. This congresswoman of several weeks led the opposition to Amazon’s proposed attempt to put down roots in Long Island City, located in Queens, New York. The economic benefits that would have accrued to NY along with new jobs were dismissed by uninformed and naïve pols like AOC. By the way AOC represents the Bronx, NY.

Here is the current state of play. Trump might just walk away from the craziness and say it’s more fun being a real estate maven than being the most powerful person in the world. Many say his ego won’t allow him to do so. But he’s well into his 70s and life is too short to be bashed every day by fake newsmakers.

Trump could run again and be challenged by some classier conservatives such as Nikki Haley, Mitt Romney or William Weld (another former governor of Massachusetts mentioned in the Times today). This would necessitate a primary battle with a sitting president.

Trump could be forced out of office because of scandals that are brewing all over the place. It’s not feasible that either Mueller or Congress has something on the president that is impeachable. In this day and age real proof would have been leaked already. I predict that Mueller’s report will be a yawner chock full of minor missteps by minions tangentially affiliated with Trump.

I’m putting my money on Trump walking away. A normal person (which Trump is not) would be going insane with this daily bashing. Nevertheless I think the president will see the light and move on. He may even think it would be best for his country.

I must admit the possibility of getting Trump out of the White House is tantalizing. I’m tired of the same old crap in the papers and on cable news. But the Democrats are not going to defeat him, assuming he stays in office and is not impeached, with the current slate of candidates. They are going to slaughter each other in the primaries while striving to be the most left wing candidate in the group. It won’t sell with the American electorate.

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