Cohen Is Not Believable

“I have lied, but I am not a liar. I have done bad things, but I cam not a bad man.” This quote by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, during congressional testimony says it all. Oh, by the way, Cohen is going to jail for three years for lying to federal officials and cheating his banks.

All the things Cohen has said about Trump may be true, but how can Democrats showcase a liar and con man like Cohen as their chief witness in their efforts to impeach the president? Is this all the liberals have to offer us? I’m afraid the pathetic attempt to denigrate the president on Wednesday is not going to make any political points for Democrats in their efforts to regain control of the country.

Many Americans have already stipulated that Trump is a terrible leader and often lies and exaggerates his value and successes. But Cohen’s testimony is so surreal and non-believable that he gives Trump cover if in fact he has misled Americans about his hotels, voting conspiracies with Russia and other affairs of state. Cohen is more despicable than Trump!

The next item on the agenda is Mueller’s report. America wants to see an un-redacted copy of whatever Mueller has found. Let’s end the leaking, rumors and innuendo. Either the special counsel has proof that Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors or not. The world is waiting to see if the Mueller is something other than a witch hunter.

If Mueller delivers a rehash of Cohen’s testimony or can only give us a few inconsequential rogues who may or may not have collaborated with candidate or President Trump, then let’s end the dream of Democrats to impeach the president and allow him to do his job. He’s going to get what he deserves when the voters speak in 2020, if Trump actually decides to run again.

While Congress is dicking around with a truly untrustworthy scoundrel, Trump is attempting to get Kim Jung-un to give up his arsenal before he intentionally or accidentally starts a nuclear war.

The Trump administration is also negotiating with China to end the trade war and prevent the Chinese from stealing US technology.

Trump’s representatives are constantly dealing with flare-ups in the Middle East.

What members of Congress are not doing is fixing the health care system, the infrastructure crisis, the emerging new Cold War with Russia, the border crisis, the national debt crisis and so on. A whole day was wasted on the scam artist known as Michael Cohen as he tries to convince the authorities to decrease his time in prison.

Trump may the worst president ever. He certainly is the most disliked. But Democrats have really mucked up the political environment with their sole objective of ousting Trump. Talk about bad leadership, Pelosi and Schumer have spent zero time proving that their party is capable of leading the country.

To make matters worse, Trump’s prospects in 2020 are improving every day, in spite of Cohen and Mueller, because Democrats have all become socialists.


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