Trump Smells Democratic Blood

Now that Robert Mueller has completed his witch hunt, can we get back to having a normal and productive government? The answer is no.

The bad feelings between Trump, Democrats, turncoat Republicans and the liberal press are worse than ever. The president is now looking for blood. Many are saying that Trump should bask in his exoneration, the collusion part of Mueller’s investigation, and get back to his agenda.

But that’s not Trump’s style. He’s going to seek revenge. I’ve been considering whether the president’s desire to destroy all those who mercilessly attacked him, and made it so difficult to govern the country, is legitimate, or whether he should let bygones be bygones.

I keep coming up with the same answer. Those who manufactured the collusion conspiracies should pay a price. If I were in Trump’s shoes I would not just move on. After all, malicious and deceitful individuals, driven by hatred, frittered away over two years of Trump’s presidency.

Trump will likely go further than merely trying to denigrate the people responsible for the fake news and collusion with Russia. In 2020 the major political antagonists will be exposed for their failed coup d’état every day during their reelection campaigns. Voters should hold them accountable for their lies and deceptions. Hopefully they will be trounced and ushered out of office in droves. In politics, this is the appropriate punishment for transgressions.

What about Republicans who were beginning to abandon Trump shortly before Mueller completed his investigation? They’re going to change their spots immediately and rejoin the Trump team. The Republican caucus will be invigorated by the collusion victory (and Democratic missteps). Impeachment conversations will end as Republican senators reemerge in strength. It will be different for House Democrats to find enough support from their colleagues to initiate any constitutional imbroglios.

Will the corrupt and misguided press atone for their second gargantuan error relating to the future prospects of Trump? Not likely. As a reminder, the press mistakenly predicted the defeat of the president in 2016. The second was the demise and probable impeachment of Trump based upon collusion with Putin. The reporting was disgraceful and driven by abhorrence of the Trump administration. Journalism took a few steps backward during the past three years.

Political reporters disregarded facts and drowned Americans with innuendo and rumors that were never substantiated. Beyond this breach of journalistic trust, reporting proved to be dead wrong. Trump did not conspire with Russia. So says the special counsel who clearly would have preferred to deliver a different conclusion.

How will Trump haters respond to favorable news for the president? Liberals will likely push for a review of Mueller’s work by congressional investigators, which would only serve to worsen the colossal waste of time and money to date. Tried and true liberals are going to hate Trump until their last breadth regardless of the impact it has on our country.

People on the fence regarding Trump may support him in 2020, all things remaining equal. Democratic clowns vying for the nomination will surely try to destroy each other even as they all continue to support a socialist agenda.

Somebody should be warning Democrats that they are going to be big losers in 2020 if they try to sell America on socialism. Americans want exceptionalism, and they want to be rewarded for working harder than their co-workers.

Trump wasted little time before starting to rub Democrat noses in his recent vindication, fragile as it might be. The president wants to drive a stake into the hearts of liberals by dismantling Obama’s only remaining legacy, Obamacare. He wants the law’s mandate requirement to be declared unconstitutional. Do Americans really want to be forced into buying insurance even if they don’t want it?

The final obliteration of a really lousy health care infrastructure will be the ultimate embarrassment for Democrats. They will probably try to counter Trump by recommending an inane and outrageously expensive universal health care system. It’s not going to happen because America can’t afford it.

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