The Secrets Of Greater Compensation

What would Democrats do if Trump were no longer president? Given that nearly every ounce of effort is directed at destroying the president, the answer is who knows? Nevertheless, I have a sneaking suspicion that battling income inequality is going to be high on the liberal their agenda for some time even after Trump is gone.

Liberals in the country want two things, the ouster of Trump by any means and more entitlements. Regarding the latter, the have-nots, represented by congressional Democrats, want to denigrate the most successful individuals in the country. Inequality is the refrain from virtually every downtrodden group in the country.

There are so many things the government can do to encourage “all boats to rise at the same time.” Why is it so important to steal money from those who have distinguished themselves? Should Americans be attacking other Americans for doing their job well and earning more compensation?

Our leaders ought to document the reasons why some people earn more than others. If they did they would see a number of interesting things. For instance, most big earners are intelligent and have attended college. A large number of them are creative, innovative and ambitious. Many are risk takers. The vast majority are quantitatively gifted and/or qualitatively advanced. Most successful people have personality characteristics that encourage others to follow them. In other words they are born leaders.

Successful people are not just focused on amassing a large bank account. They know that material benefits will follow success if they build companies and convert ideas into tangible items that people need. Earning large compensation is just a derivative of the actions of brilliant business people.

It’s true that many successful individuals are brought up in homes that include intelligent parents with great work ethic. They emphasize hard work and attaining good grades in school. They recognize the importance of attending college. In these households earning a degree is not debated.

It’s true that families in lower socioeconomic classes have greater challenges including less money and time (especially for single mothers and fathers). Putting food on the table may supersede deep conversations about getting ahead and excelling in school. It’s all this that makes it so difficult for urban kids to compete with affluent children.

But the search for equality should not entail tearing down successful people or organizations. The demise of exceptionalism will not result in the advancement of the middle class. The have-nots should focus on what the haves do and have done to get ahead. They should be instructed on which characteristics enable one to get ahead to make a better life.

What does it take to earn significant compensation? Does anyone really believe that a company will pay its employees a huge amount of money without requiring something in return? What does one have to do to convince his or her company to pay them high six figures?

The answer is that individuals would likely need to be responsible for generating revenues equal to at least ten times their compensation (a rough estimate). How easy would it be so sell that many products or services?

Earning a good living is not as difficult as it seems. But, not everybody can earn out-sized compensation. If you aren’t trained, have minimal education, aren’t ambitious and aren’t willing to work hard and be a productive contributor to the success of your employer, you will be doomed to mediocre compensation for life.

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