No Democratic Candidate Can Defeat Trump

Donald Trump has done everything humanly possible to alienate Americas outside of his political sphere. The 2016 election and subsequent polls have never given Trump a majority. A vast swathe of America despises him. He’s only been successful in the last Electoral College. There is no reason why a Democrat should not be the next president. And yet, it’s not going to happen. Here are five of the most important reasons why.

#1- Democrat infighting. When it’s all said and done there will be 20 or 30 liberal candidates fighting tenaciously for the Democratic nomination. Even though all are very progressive, each has a special interest(s). Sanders is universal health care (among several other issues), Gillibrand –women, Harris- prison reform, Biden-anyone’s guess, O’Rourke- immigration and so on.

Every member of the group will be vying to be the ultimate left-wing candidate during the primary. Historically presidential candidates cater to the most radical elements in the primaries and move to the center in the general election. Not in 2020. Every Democrat will continue to move further left as the campaign revs up.

Democrats are not a cohesive group, although their caucus in Congress has consistently voted against all initiatives by Trump. They are only united in one regard, the demise of President Trump.

Sanders still thinks the old guard cheated him in the 2016 primary. And so he has a chip on his shoulder and is clashing with Clinton trolls who for some reason continue to have influence over Democratic dogma and money.

Joe Biden is a confused has-been. He has no idea whether he will contend, but he is keeping Democrats on the edge of their seats waiting for an announcement. He also should stop touching women without their consent.

#2- Socialism. All of the Democratic candidates have gone all-in for socialism. Being a socialist used to be the kiss of death for politicians in this country, and now it’s all the rage. Liberals have decided the best way to combat Trump’s outrageous and destructive leadership is to act more like countries that we have despised and conflicted with over the years. This has occurred even as many of those same countries have moved away from socialism to capitalism economically. Russia and China are the most noteworthy examples of this.

Our nation cannot afford to provide free health care, free education, free prescription drugs, free college tuition, free child care, restitution to oppressed Americans, etc. There are not enough wealthy people in the country to bilge to fund all these programs and entitlements.

America is a capitalistic country and most people, liberal and conservative, want an economic system that rewards hard work, innovation and ambition. Americans don’t want the federal government to assign to them the same salary, same house and same life as their neighbors. They believe in exceptionalism. No matter how much Sanders screams and hollers this country will not accept his vision.

#3- The Sanders factor. It is inconceivable that America would elect Bernie Sanders president. He’s a socialist who has no conception of what services cost or what America can afford. He opposes millionaires and billionaires even though he recently joined the 1%. He’s too old and his vision of government is warped. The only people who will vote for him will be unpredictable and naive millenials and downtrodden ethnic groups that want more entitlements without conditions.

#4- Trump Investigations. Democrats are a political party with one objective, the ouster of Donald Trump. Forget about security, nuclear proliferation, trade, safe borders and the well being of our financial system.

In fact even after a rabid prosecutor and his openly left-wing cadre spent two years trying to make a case against Trump, Democrats now want to restart the investigation. Have you heard about any real initiatives by Democrat leaders lately?

More investigation is not what Americans wants. Voters want to be safer, earn a fair wage and live a rewarding life with their families. Political soap operas no longer will move the electorate.

#5- The economy. Our economy, even with a global slowdown is doing very well. Unemployment is low and wages are increasing. Confidence is high. In times of good economic growth, incumbents win elections.

Our nation has many issues to deal with. Yet Democrats have not shown one scintilla of interest or creativity to make the America better. They are losers in 2020 in spite of Trump’s outlandish leadership.



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