Why Is Congress Re-investigating Mueller’s Work?

As anticipated, Mueller’s investigation didn’t settle a damn thing. If he could prove Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election, the president would and should be impeached. If Mueller could prove Trump obstructed justice, he would and should be impeached. Mueller couldn’t do either. So why is this whole thing being re-investigated by Congress?

Democrats are pushing forward to review Mueller’s work, a man was anything but partial towards the president. This is being done even as our nation is in dire need of new infrastructure, more security, immigration reform and so on.

Liberal lawmakers have made up their minds that Trump is guilty of crimes and misdemeanors of the heart. They say Trump wanted to commit crimes but his aides stopped him from doing so. They say all of the president’s minor offenses add up to a major crime that is impeachable. Trump’s opponents want to impeach because Mueller did not “exonerate” Trump.

Exoneration was not Mueller’s purpose. He was appointed to investigate undue influence in the 2016 election by Trump and/or his advisors, and to accuse those guilty of such a crime. The investigation expanded and Mueller came up empty. It’s likely that Mueller and his zealots came to the conclusion that the disorganized and inexperienced Trump administration was, in no way, capable of executing a broad conspiracy in cahoots with Vladimir Putin.

I’ve learned from watching countless episodes of Perry Mason, L.A. Law and CSI that it’s the job of a prosecutor to indict and prove criminal activity. The accused doesn’t need to testify or prove anything. If the accused is “logically guilty,” it doesn’t matter. Proof of a crime is the thing that enables a court to convict someone. On the other hand, Trump is guilty until proven innocent if you believe liberals.

The hypocrisy of Trump’s congressional opponents is staggering. It seems like every day one of them is found to have committed a real crime, acted corruptly or sexually abused the opposite sex. Nearly every day federal, state and local officials are accused and convicted of taking bribes, and corruption.

To make matters worse the congressional committees convened to interrogate the opposition are an embarrassment. Very few committee members are prepared or experienced enough to ask questions.

If Democrats can prove Trump committed a crime, bring it on. Why would the American people stand for another 18 months of reexamination of Trump’s alleged misbehavior? When November 2020 arrives, Americans can vote and oust Trump from office for being a jerk, which is not a crime.

In the meantime alleged crimes by Democrats are not being investigated. The infamous dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign has not been ferreted out. It contains lies and was illegally used to trap innocent people. And what about all the crimes perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and her minions?

I’m disgusted that my government is in paralysis. I’m disappointed that the president and Congress can’t enact new laws that could potentially impact poverty, education, border security, international trade, terrorism, infrastructure, prison reform, etc.

Congress should allow voters to deal with the strange man in the White House in 2020 and end the investigations by incompetent, uninformed, embarrassingly unsophisticated ideologues in Congress.


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