Mueller’s Cowardly Report

Everyone knew the Mueller report was going to create a sh—t storm. The reason for competing interpretations of Russian collusion and obstruction has occurred because Mueller and his minions did not have the courage, or the evidence, to actually accuse Trump of a crime.

Mueller and his fellow witch hunters wanted to bring down Trump, but couldn’t. So they loaded the report with innuendo and evasive commentary and sent it to the Department of Justice.

Also the Special Counsel didn’t want to be the impetus for a constitutional crisis or an impeachment. So he said, “Here’s what I found. You [Congress] decide what to do with it.” The fact is Mueller didn’t have enough evidence to indict the president, so he in effect extended the witch-hunt by punting the ball to hate-mongering Democrats. This was a cowardly thing to do, and ultimately it will severely hurt our country. Mueller should have answered the question, “Is Trump guilty of collusion or obstruction of justice, and can you prove it?”

Most people expected Mueller to indicate that Trump and his sycophant’s did A,B and C, all impeachable offenses. In fact, regarding collusion the report does exonerate the president, for the most part. Mueller provided a list of meetings and conversations that made it appear that Trump wanted to work with Russia to defeat Clinton, but he didn’t act. Mueller couldn’t indict Trump for “bad intentions.”

Now Trump says he’s exonerated, and Democrats say he really wanted to collude. Frankly impeachment should not be pursued based Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Cummings and Waters’ ability to read Trump’s mind.

Then there is obstruction. Really? Anything the president did that makes it difficult for the Department of Justice or Congress to investigate accusations of misbehavior could be labeled obstruction. However a legal act by the president, like firing a subordinate (Comey, for instance) is not obstruction, per se.

It may have been on Trump’s mind to interfere with investigations, but every partisan in Washington was calling for Comey’s dismissal at one point or another. It’s absurd to definitively say Trump fired Comey to impede the investigation of his administration unless you are a mind reader.

Mueller took a cowardly path. He made a huge list of threatened actions by Trump that were inspired by the hostility directed at him by the DoJ and congressional Democrats. Mueller outlined them in his report and said that it was up to Congress to decide whether they are impeachable with no commentary about whether they were crimes, in his opinion.

Why the hell did we spend million of dollars for Mueller to investigate if he doesn’t conclude that a crime(s) was or was not committed? The report to Congress about Trump says Congress should investigate and decide for itself.

Mueller was supposed to tell Congress, and indirectly the American people, whether Trump or his incompetent aides broke the law. The special counsel was hired by the DoJ, after demands by Congress. The counsel did a lousy job and created more problems for the country.

Mueller should not be allowed to say Trump “might” be guilty. Trump is innocent until someone or some group proves he committed crimes. Only then would impeachment make sense.

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