Mueller Hurts Efforts To Impeach Trump

Robert Mueller finally made his long awaited visit to Capitol Hill to testify about his investigation of President Trump. Boy, did he ever disappoint Democrats.

The special counsel was “not helpful” to liberal lawmakers in their efforts to build an impeachment case. Mueller was “confused” and often times seemed “uninformed” about the contents of the investigation he supposedly led.

Mueller said he did not play a large role in the interviews of the 500 individuals that testified to his staff. This admission has led many to think that he was just a figurehead and did not personally orchestrate the multi-year hunt for evidence against the president.

Congressional Democrats were hoping that Mueller would give them fodder to proceed with an impeachment and ultimately removal of Trump from office. Their hopes were dashed as Mueller bumbled through the proceedings, by asking congressional interrogators to repeat questions time and again. It appeared that the special was mentally impaired at times.

Republicans focused on the political persuasion of the 13 senior members of Mueller’s staff. All are Democrats and many of them were affiliated to and/or financially supportive of Hillary Clinton.

“The movie was not better than the book,” was how some critics of Mueller’s performance described the proceedings. Mueller was not helpful in the Democratic jihad to bring down the president. The left’s preoccupation with impeachment is likely to now be tempered moving forward. This would seem to give Speaker Pelosi new life, as she has not been in favor of impeachment. Rather she wants her caucus to direct their attention to the issues that are affecting middle class Americans.

As expected President Trump was gleeful and reinvigorated by Mueller’s abominable performance. He’s once again claiming that the special counsel’s efforts were a witch-hunt, a waste of time and a waste of money.

Trump said this pathetic episode has damaged liberal efforts to win the presidency in 2020 and will probably result in large losses by his congressional opponents. “Democrats have less than nothing,” Trump said.

Trump has been un-presidential from his first day in office. But Democrats are giving voters a treasure trove of reasons why they should support him in his reelection. Given the health of the economy, it appears that Trump is generating great momentum, and polls will prove it. The Mueller affair could very well be the impetus to assure victory for the president.

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