Let’s Impeach Trump

Probably the best thing that can happen to President Trump politically is for Democrats in the House of Representatives to proceed with an impeachment.

As you probably know, the House leadership must effectively indict the president by presenting members with articles of impeachment that specifically identify crimes and misdemeanors committed by the president. Then the proceedings move to the Senate where senators will try the president in a court-like ceremony officiated by a Supreme Court justice.

The irony and hypocrisy of this charade is overwhelming. Democrats are fully aware that the Republican majority will prevail in the Senate, and so there is no chance Trump will be removed from office. So, what do the liberals in the Democrat House hope to gain from a totally partisan impeachment vote in an election year?

Their warped logic is that they are hoping the impeachment proceedings will cause 2020 voters to cast ballots against Trump. In effect Pelosi and her minions are attempting to influence the elections with this political ploy.

This misstep is going to backfire on Democrats in the coming months. Voters are going to scorn the crazy liberals in the House and all others that are disrupting our government with unfair accusations.

Until this point, Nancy Pelosi, the ineffective and lame duck Speaker of the House, was not in favor of moving forward with impeachment. She wanted to give her committee chairmen more time to reinvestigate all the investigations of Trump’s alleged crimes.

Suddenly, another concocted charge, tampering with the 2020 election, materialized involving Trump and the president of Ukraine. It’s one more Hail Mary pass by liberals who are suggesting that Trump pressured President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter relating to alleged corrupt dealings that benefitted the young Biden financially. Joe was vice president at the time of these activities.

Trump provided a transcript of the conversations in question and many believe that Trump committed no crime or misdemeanor, or certainly nothing that rises to an impeachable offense. In fact Trump supporters think that Joe was influencing the Ukraine government to help Hunter. It would be perfectly understandable that a sitting president would look into this potential conflict involving a vice president.

Liberals, with the help of an equally and vengeful press, are suggesting campaign tampering by Trump, while the Bidens were obviously guilty of corruption. Joe helped pad his son’s pockets by using his influence while in office. And some say Joe Biden lied about his role, just to make the situation more explosive.

Voters have had it with all the witch-hunting. It’s a scandal-a-minute. Every action by Trump is being parsed and evaluated for possible crimes. But Democrats have proven nothing so far other than that they are incompetent, nasty partisans that have wasted Congress’ time and money trying to denigrate the president.

So let’s get on with an impeachment. Clinton was more popular after he lied under oath and was not convicted by the Senate. The same thing will happen with Trump, and the president will win another term. Next Democrats will accuse Trump of attempting to change our government to a dictatorship. Oh sorry, they’re already saying this.

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