NY Times Krugman Scrooges Trump

For the holidays, Paul Krugman, op-ed columnist for the New York Times, is fomenting class warfare by unfairly denigrating Republicans. He believes that tearing the country apart is good for our nation. Honest disagreement is unacceptable to Krugman, so he twists facts so they are consistent with his ideology and distorted opinion of people he despises.

Krugman earns his money by dreaming up new ways to portray the “cruelty” of conservatives and Republicans. This year-end, he claims that calling president Trump and his supporters Scrooge, Dickens ’protagonist in “A Christmas Carol,” is insulting to Scrooge. The character is not innately amoral, as compared to Republicans who spend every waking moment trying to conjure up ways to steal from the poor and cut taxes for themselves.

Many in the Democratic Party have embraced Krugman’s warped perspectives by pushing further and further to the left. There is no entitlement or other giveaway for non-affluent Americans that is over the line. This is one of the reasons why liberal candidates are doing so poorly in the presidential polls, and electorate is drifting towards Republicans in spite of the horrendous antics of the Trump administration and all the inane investigations.

Some Democrats are so hard up for a moderate contender, they are willing to endorse Joe Biden, an unsteady elderly man, whose claim to fame is that he worked for a president who accomplished nothing, and a neophyte, who leads South Bend, Indiana, a metropolis with just over 100,000 residents. Really? One man can’t keep his foot out of his mouth and the other leads, and not without controversy, a handful of Hoosiers. As a graduate of Notre Dame, I can attest that South Bend is not a training ground for the presidency of this country.

Left-wing progressives, whose aim is to socialize the greatest capitalistic country in the world, have infiltrated the Democratic Party. Competition and exceptionalism have made our country an economic and military powerhouse. We don’t want to be clones that receive the same stipend every month, and who wait on long lines at hospitals to get treatment for our sore throats. History has proven many times that socialism is a failed economic institution, and that capitalism coupled with democracy are a winning combination.

Back to Krugman. If we assume that socialism is not an acceptable alternative for capitalism, then axiomatically Americans would support a system where everyone earns a compensatory wage. Our government should guarantee a job to every able-bodied citizen, not provide a check that encourages him or her to sit at home and avoid work. Why can’t Democrats accept that there are other perspectives regarding the distribution of wealth than theirs? Why don’t liberals celebrate successful Americans?

Who is Krugman, a millionaire in his own right, to tell us that being affluent is evil and amoral, and refers to us as Scrooges? Krugman, left-wing radicals along with sanctimonious critics of hard working Americans have no right to steal other people’s money or tell them how to spend their hard earned dollars.

Class warfare is what mongers like Krugman thrive upon. He clearly has no intention of giving credit where it is due. The US economy is benefitting almost every American. Even minorities are enjoying high levels of employment and greater wages. Krugman is a naysayer, a hater of successful people. He wants conservatives and liberals to be at odds. He is supposed to be an economic expert, but he can’t add. If he could, he would know that open borders, one-payer medical insurance, 70% taxes on the rich and free college tuition will ultimately be a disaster for the country.

I wish all my readers a healthy and happy holiday season.

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