America Will Not Elect A Socialist President

The Democratic establishment’s preference in the primary is clear. It’s not Bernie Sanders. Now why is that the case?

For one thing, Sanders is a socialist who has spoken kindly about despised communist leaders throughout his career. Supposedly, he abhors totalitarian regimes, but appreciates the contributions to society made by leaders such as Fidel Castro. You don’t have to be a political scientist to know that Sanders wrote off Florida by lauding Castro. Keep in mind, Florida has been a must win state in general elections for years.

How can a presidential candidate make any headway in this country if he or she is a socialist? There are millions of immigrants in the country who have escaped evil and corrupt despots that espoused socialistic ideals. Why would any of these voters support a candidate who wants to install socialistic principles?

Why would Americans believe that socialism is a productive way of life? Every major socialistic experiment has been a bust throughout history. Many Latin American countries have dabbled with a new social contract, and have crumbled from poverty and dictatorial leadership.

Even Russia and China have seen the light. They still hold on to totalitarian rule, but economically they have turned to capitalism.

There are other reasons why powerful Dems are supporting Biden (and even Bloomberg) and not Sanders. Nothing Sanders has proposed is consistent with the aspirations of a vast majority of Americans. Most of them appreciate that an entity (a person or a country) cannot spend more money than they earn in perpetuity. In other words, the needs of society will not be satisfied if a government must continue to borrow to pay for entitlements. Sanders wants the 1% to carry the 99%, and the arithmetic does not work. Everything in life cannot be free for most of the country.

Philosophically, Americans want to live in a system that rewards exceptionalism, ranging from new ideas that create billionaires, all the way down to earning a larger bonus for outstanding performance on the assembly line. Ambition and hard work are ingrained in our society. Those who practice these ideals can create a very comfortable and rewarding life for themselves.

The proof is in the pudding, Buttigieg and Klobuchar know that Sanders is unbalanced and his arithmetic is imbalanced, so they dropped out of the race and backed Biden. Butt and Klo are very liberal and want to raise taxes on the wealthy. But there’s a limit. The numbers that Sanders proposes are as crazy as he is. He will, no doubt, bankrupt the country with his out of date perspectives, if elected. Every able-bodied American has to participate to make capitalism work effectively. You can’t have a tiny minority supporting the multitudes.

So where does this take us? I guess in the end Biden or Bloomberg will overtake Sanders. It will be a sad day when and if the Dems nominate Biden, a man who won his first state primary on Saturday after two other attempts to become president. He is a man who has never been eloquent and now is unable to utter a coherent sentence.

If you want to get rid of Trump, you need a candidate more qualified than Sanders and Biden. All that’s left is Bloomberg, but he’s a billionaire, white and relatively unknown.

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