It’s The Bumbler Versus The Communist -Edited Version

The only thing worse than having Donald Trump riding roughshod in the White House for another four years is having either Biden or Sanders taking his place in November.

How insane is the Democratic primary? A self-proclaimed socialist/communist streaked into the lead after four primaries, seemingly on his way to clearing the table and locking up the nomination.

Then, Crazy Joe miraculously bounced back in South Carolina with the help of the most senior black member of Congress, who mobilized his supporters to resuscitate Joe.

Shortly after that, Butt and Klo threw in the towel and endorsed Joe for the nomination. Butt took a long-term perspective and the political high road thereby securing future electoral opportunities, while Klo didn’t want to risk losing the primary in her own state. Both were lauded for their party loyalty.

And finally, the socialist and Crazy Joe went head to head during Super Tuesday when Joe amazingly won ten of 14 primaries, kicking Bernie’s butt (not Buttigieg). Most pundits think that Joe has the momentum moving forward, as he continues to receive more endorsements and bumble his way across the country.

Oh, I almost forgot about screaming Warren. Wow. What a bust she’s been. Liz never had a chance though. What political genius gave her the green light? Warren was so bad that she even lost the primary in her home state.

What’s next? Probably, Biden and Sanders will split the remaining delegates, and if Warren continues (I don’t know why she would), we may have a contested convention. If not, either Joe or Bernie will limp in with a victory in the first round. Trump is sharpening his teeth as he anxiously waits for one of them to win.

I would describe how a contested convention works, but I haven’t understood any of the explanations I’ve read about or seen on TV.

In any case, Trump is a shoe-in, like it or not. Joe couldn’t identify which woman on stage with him during a victory speech was his wife and which was his sister. Do you really want this man to have his finger on the nuclear button? Or would you rather have Karl Marx reincarnated?


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