America Will Win The Battle Against Coronavirus

I’ve been trying to find the words that express my feelings about the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a scary time for the entire world. But, it’s not the end of mankind by any stretch of the imagination. And frankly, the world has survived through much more difficult times in the past.

The most disconcerting issue to me, besides the deaths of several thousand people worldwide, is the inability of government the leaders to work together. The virus does not play favorites, it makes ill and kills humans across the globe indiscriminately. The efforts by China to hide the outbreak was unforgivable. The US and other countries could have gotten a head start in the battle with this bug if we were brought in early to help the Chinese.

But the Chinese are not the only ones who deserve criticism. Here at home, politicians, the media and citizens have weaponized the virus for their own advantage. After 9/11, the entire country empathized with and wanted to avenge a horrible tragedy. We worked and mourned together. Even some of our enemies overseas were outraged by such a despicable act of terrorism.

Not today. Instead of giving support to our leaders, the political opposition is looking to denigrate efforts by the president to get his arms around the disease. He’s making mistakes because the pandemic is new to America and the world. Granted, Trump’s ego makes it difficult to give him our trust, but he’s in charge. Our lives and well-being are in his hands.

Similarly, the media is so busy harassing the president that it has not reported the situation in a way that gives us any confidence. If the president makes a mistake, they should report it. They shouldn’t continuously keep saying everything he’s doing is part of an effort to get reelected. Trump does not want Americans to die or suffer, and it’s shameful that the press indicates otherwise.

Making matters worse is the totally imbecilic primaries being conducted by the Democrats. The contenders think that proclaiming Trump is not the man to get us through these difficult times is only stoking resentment against the man who is responsible for pulling us through this horrible situation. Winning an election by distorting the facts and creating mass hysteria is not more important than defeating the virus.

I lived through many difficult moments that will be judged to be far more dangerous than a flu bug. In the 50s and 60s, we were practicing taking cover in the event that the Soviet Union launched nuclear missiles. In the 60s and 70s , Vietnam killed 50,000 plus Americans. Natural disasters plague the world unceasingly during the last 50 years. Aids killed thousands. And of course, 911 was a heartbreaking time for all Americans.

The most important thing that occurred during all these tragedies was that Americans empathized, contributed and kept a positive outlook. We faced every disaster that Mother Nature and our enemies threw at us. We are the strongest most resilient country in the world. So, it’s time we all began to approach coronavirus with confidence. We will defeat this nasty bug. The virus attacked us suddenly, and it’s likely that it will depart just as quickly. In the meantime, give your children pep talks, follow the rules that will decrease the spread of the disease, be empathetic for those who lose family and friends and support our government.

I wish you good health.








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