Isolation Is The Key To Beating Coronavirus

The world is waiting for medical experts to tell it how and when this coronavirus pandemic will end. Researchers have had plenty of experience tracking the evolution of disease in recent years, so it’s surprising that they are stumped by this new virus.

The Chinese experience seems to be the best outcome from what we know. Government officials isolated a significant hot spot and allowed the virus to run its course.  The objective was to not allow the bug to affect others outside Ground Zero. Apparently, Chinese officials were not shy about the isolation process. It may have been cruel, but it was effective, as the outbreak turned the corner in China. And this was the objective- to stop the increase in the number of newly infected individuals.

In the New York Times, the tree impact of a disease outbreak brought clarity and the importance of avoiding contact. Graphs showed how a disease will spread exponentially if each person passes the disease to two other people. The contamination is astounding. But, the most important point is that the less contact we have with each other for a short period of time, the sooner the disease will peter out.

But, America is not China. Authorities asked, pleaded and gently coerced revelers In Florida during this past week. Only after the governor and mayors shut down beaches and bars did the crowds disperse. The alternative was that these young people would pass the virus to each other and bring it home to their parents and grandparents, who are much more vulnerable to the disease. The lesson to be learned is that every American should stay home for a couple of weeks and the coronavirus will lose power. This in conjunction with severe travel restrictions into the US is the solution to the virus’ enigmatic qualities.

I am personally in quarantine at this time and have avoided contact with my family. Cabin fever is setting in, but it’s only a short time before my life will be back to normal. It’s a small sacrifice that I want to make for my loved ones and for my country. I implore all of you to do the same thing.



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