?Unanswered Questions?

As I pass the hours of the day waiting for the end of the pandemic and escape from my self inflicted prison, the only really good news is that our first responders, doctors, nurses and research personnel are finally getting credit for all they are doing to save others. It’s about time that these brave souls were cited for their dedication, empathy and determination.

Beyond this, there are more questions every day. Our leaders and others around the world are playing politics with the virus epidemic. How low can you go? Why isn’t saving lives and ending this menace the first priority of Trump, our Congress, Xi, Putin and all the European heads of state? What the hell is so important about taking credit and passing blame? The renown doctors and scientists must worry about offending two-bit politicians, presidents and despots every time they make a discovery. Negative reports are taboo in this day and age.

Every American I speak with wants answers to the important questions. Like:

How many Americans have contracted the virus?

How many Americans are infected without symptoms?

Can asymptomatic individuals with the disease pass it on to others?

How many Americans have antibodies from a bout with the coronavirus?

Do the antibodies prevent these people from contracting the disease a second time?

Can a person who had the virus and has antibodies infect others?

How long do antibodies last? If it’s a long period of time, and many people have antibodies, the risk of another outbreak should be less. Is this correct?

How many people have died from the virus? This is important if we are ever going to know when the slope of the infection is going down. We need the facts about every death, including the sex, age, location and general health of the deceased, if we if we if we ever will be ever will be able to combat the disease.

Where do we stand with vaccines and other treatments?

Are there enough hospital beds and related equipment available to care for those who are seriously ill?

Instead of worrying about how Trump will respond to a new update, advisors and doctors should focus more on developing treatment and a vaccine. And very importantly we should get answers to the damn questions mentioned above.

Here in Florida, the Mayor of Miami is taking a bold step to put his constituents on the road back to normalcy. He is allowing people to congregate in certain places if they follow the guidelines relating to separation. The decision is partially based on a decline in the number of new cases of the virus and a desire to get the local economy on track. The risk is another outbreak if the locals fail to heed warnings about improper activities.


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