Will It Be Liar One Or Liar Two For Prez

Back to politics. Over the years, I have agreed with Charles Blow, New York Times op-ed columnist, less than a handful of times on any subject he has addressed. He is known to be one of the most radical-leaning journalists in the country. Remarkably, I must endorse Blow’s commentary in a piece that flays both men who are vying for the presidency.

In an article, titled  “Biden Can Beat Trump, If He Doesn’t Blow It” (no pun intended), Blow says “Joe Biden needs to do little, to win the election. He doesn’t need a daily persona in the news … He doesn’t need large rallies or even that much sizzle.”

“In fact, his being stuck in his home and giving limited interviews … [is] [m]aybe the best thing to ever happen to his campaign.”

Blow goes on to say that “Biden is a well-known gaff machine (a gaff machine in the White House?). Every time he speaks there is a real chance he will do more bad than good.”

And just like Trump, Blow says Biden is a liar. He lied about the NAACP endorsing him (the organization endorses no candidates). He lied about marching in the civil rights movement. And, Biden said he was arrested in South Africa trying to meet with Nelson Mandela (untrue).

Our nation is at a seminal moment. We have a choice between a pathological liar, who is also a megalomaniac and a self-aggrandizing loudmouth, and, a bumbling simpleton, who is also a liar with a pathetic resume even after decades of public service. On what basis will voters decide who should be the most powerful man on Earth? Should it be the guy who lies the least?

The winner gets to finish the war against the coronavirus, negotiate with a surging and dangerous China and control the nutcase in North Korea, who wants to build more nukes. Additionally, whomever wins will be at the mercy of a hostile House of Representatives led by arguably the worst Speaker in modern history, and a southern conservative who has a death grip on the Senate.

After we are finished fighting against the virus that is threatening mankind, Americans can look forward to a president who is going to threaten mankind politically no matter who wins in November.

One thought on “Will It Be Liar One Or Liar Two For Prez

  1. It frightens me if Biden wins who will be his VP choice. I don’t think he will survive the longevity of presidential term. He could chose a woman of “queen Nancy’s” pals! (Who should be dethroned) anyway! At least, we know what Trump offers. Best of two evils?!

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