Conspiracy Theories

I’m beginning to suspect that the American public is being duped in a vast political conspiracy orchestrated by the radical media and liberal government officials. These groups are attempting to influence the 2020 elections by twisting the truth and not disclosing important data to the general public. The essence of the situation revolves around the fact that the number of total cases of coronavirus does not jive with the number of deaths from the virus, and so decisions made by the authorities are not appropriate. Let me explain.

The starkest portrayal of this phenomenon is the unbelievable number of deaths that have occurred in nursing homes compared to all other places. When the pandemic spreads to a place populated by the aged, many die percentagewise. The Corona strain attacks people who are medically incapacitated, especially those with respiratory issues, which many older people are prone to have. The first order by the authorities on day one of the virus should have been to do everything possible to protect our senior citizens.

In fact, there are statistics that show that younger people have a very small chance of perishing from the virus, unless they suffer from another illness such as asthma, heart problems, diabetes and pneumonia. Why hasn’t this data been a part of the decision-making process? Would the public have resisted a country-wide lock-down with this information that has recently come to light?

The conclusion that one may draw is that it was utter insanity to shut down our $20 trillion economy when only senior citizens were in mortal jeopardy. The response was over the top. The derivative impact of doing “too much” has been the loss of millions of jobs, the closing of thousands of small businesses and the virtual imprisonment of the American population for several months. The average American lost thousands of dollars because of inevitable furloughs and firings.

Keep in mind, anyone can contract the virus and suffer mightily with fever, aches, coughing and other symptoms. But if you are young, you probably will not die.

It should also be noted that young people who have contracted the virus can carry it home and endanger elderly family members, who are highly vulnerable. This means that the policy to isolate every American over 55 or 60 would not eliminate all deaths, but it would certainly would have decreased the number materially.

You might ask, what is the upside to liberals ramming isolation down our throats? The answer is that they know the prospects of a bad economy will greatly influence the 2020 presidential election. Anything that negatively impacts the economy will very much benefit Biden over Trump.

Real conspiracy buffs might also conclude that liberals want Americans to stay home because it hurts the economy (as indicated above). At the same time, they encouraged black protesters to conduct protests even though most expect to see a marked increase in coronavirus cases resulting from mass gatherings. Once again, civil unrest before the election would be beneficial to Biden.

It’s difficult to fathom a conspiracy that plays life and death games with the American people. But, the truth of the matter is that many influential liberals have twisted or withheld facts in an effort to influence the impending elections. Even bringing on a monstrous recession was not too draconian for some Trump haters.


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