What Would Make Trump Resign?

It must be horrible to be one of the most despised people in the world. For more than four years, Trump has been the prime target of every progressive person in America. It appears that even fellow conservatives are now prepared to throw him under the bus. The only thing Trump has going for him is that his opponent for the presidency is almost as pathetic as he is.

What kind of commander-in-chief has cabinet officials and aides that criticize him publicly? What president has had to deal with illegal leaks daily that involve national security issues? What president has ever openly boasted about his misogynistic adventures? What president has ever made up insulting nicknames for the politicians and world leaders he despises? What president has ever been so self-centered, so self-aggrandizing and so overly confident that he ignores expert advice and acts exclusively on his own gut feelings?

The answer to these questions is there has never been anyone like Donald Trump. Everyone wants to take the man down. Why does he put up with this crap? He allows his Secretary of State and other aides to contradict him. He attempted to fire an Attorney General, and the man refused to leave his office (Trump then fired him). John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor with the biggest mouth in Washington, flat out says Trump is a menace and could single handedly set back the world. Trolls allegedly absconded tickets for a Trump rally in Tulsa over the weekend. Many didn’t show up purposefully, so it appeared that the president was unable to fill the stadium. And it goes on and on.

What force keeps him in office? Why would he run for president again? Supposedly, he’s a billionaire. He thinks any beautiful woman is fair game. With his hair do, I’m not sure it’s true. Why doesn’t he tell America, “I had a great time busting your chops. I really didn’t mean it. I’m quitting now. Adios.”

It would be interesting to see who would take Trump’s place on the ticket. Perhaps Mike Pence. We would then have and even more horrible choice for president. Imagine Biden versus Pence. Spare me. No one would tune into the debates. Too boring.

I don’t know what kind of person thrives on 24-hour, seven day a week criticism and personal insults. Alec Baldwin’s portrayals on SNL would be enough to drive most any politician from office. They are so degrading (and funny).

I don’t know what’s going to happen. Will the pandemic go away? Will protesters orchestrate a violent civil revolution? Will our enemies continue to laugh at our president behind his back? Who will win in November? Trump, of course, when the economy rebounds, and after Joe Biden convinces the electorate that he is the most incompetent man ever to run for president.

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