Obama Is Back

The New York Times published a piece yesterday, reminiscing about Barack Obama’s many achievements and what he might do to help Joe Biden.

It’s unclear to me why the article was written because, in my humble opinion, the president was a dismal failure for his constituents and for all of America. Clearly, the authors miss the good old days when Obama was mismanaging the White House.

Usually there’s minimal blowback as liberals forget about the bad and emphasize the good about the 44th president. But even still, the “good” moments of the former president were complete disasters and set the stage for the revenge of Donald Trump. You may ask yourself, how was it possible for a total neophyte (Trump), a universally despised person, to become president? Obama set the stage along with Hillary Clinton for four of the worst years in American politics.

No doubt about it, Obama and Trump hate each other. It’s clear that they are not sending holiday cards to each other. Why is it so surprising that a new president representing a different party is intent on undoing the missteps of his predecessor? In the case of Obama, he convinced liberals that his terrible policies would be beneficial to America. Let’s address some of them for the umpteenth time.

Obamacare is a misguided entitlement that was enacted at the wrong time. The system was poorly conceived, too expensive, too difficult to use and was based upon an unconstitutional mandate that robbed young people to pay for the old.

You may not agree that Obamacare nearly bankrupted the nation in conjunction with all the other ill-conceived social giveaways, but it’s true. Obama was inexperienced. His efforts in ramming a multi-trillion dollar entitlement down the throats of the opposition party set the stage for Democrats to lose a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Let’s put it this way, Obama masterminded the proposal and his administration was then relegated to mandated governance. He was unable to enact any significant new legislation, which paved the way for Republicans to retake the government.

The other bone-headed initiative that created an existential threat to our country was the Iran nuclear deal. The agreement did not prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. It only delayed it for a short period of time. And why would any savvy politician trust the Iranian regime to abide by any agreement? Why would any world leader think that Iran would not use its newfound atomic capability to threaten and intimidate all of its enemies in the Middle East? The deal is a “bomb,” literally and figuratively.

Trump determined the deal was a gift to Iran and abrogated it when he came to power. For economic and political reasons, the other parties to the agreement continue to support Iran. This is another mystery. But then again, China seems to be comfortable with North Korea wielding nuclear weapons at its doorstep.

Obama’s foreign policies were considered empty after he backed down against Syria and Assad. The president drew a line in the sand and Syria crossed it without any real repercussions. In fact, Obama’s mishandling of the situation created a stronger Syria (and Assad) with the support of Russia and Iran.

These are only some of the reasons why many people are not sad that Obama has been relegated to playing golf, writing a book for many millions and being stingy with his support of fellow Democrats. To his credit, he tried to not criticize Trump. But that was impossible to do.

Democrats are in a difficult position going into the final stages of the presidential campaign. Obama has been quiet because he knows that being dragged into the fray will divert him from working on his crappy legacy and making hundreds of millions of dollars in book royalties and speaking fees.

The growing power of Joe Biden, greatly enhanced by the missteps of Trump, and certainly not his oratory skills or his knowledge of current events, has forced Obama to make a move to interfere in the election. But do you recall that a serious number of voters were bamboozled by the Obama administration? Millennials and blacks, two of his biggest constituencies, lost ground during the Obama years and the economy did poorly economically. What does Obama bring to the table? Not much more than Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is going to attempt to deliver the killing blow that will get Trump out of office. Will he be successful? Can Biden win without enthusiastic support from Obama? Will Americans really vote for Biden? I’m not sure.

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