Trump Wins Over Incapacitated Biden

Several important people I’ve spoken with recently are convinced that Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump in November. I think it’s too early to definitively call a winner. But, based upon the 2016 turn of events, and corresponding misreading of election polls, Biden prognosticators are likely to be disappointed.

Right now, it seems like the whole country is disgusted with Trump’s antics and anti-social perspectives. He has not backed off one iota personally. He continues to lie and exaggerate on most important issues and congratulates himself endlessly, even as problems continue and the pandemic persists.

Yet, more and more Trump antagonists are saying, if the president was not so obnoxious and self-aggrandizing, they would be lauding his performance. The fact is many Americans are ashamed to say that Trump is a better choice than Sleepy Joe, even though it’s probably true.

The president’s record regarding many important situations is pretty good. For instance, he has China and Russia on the ropes, having exposed horrible abuses and misbehavior on their part.

Even the president’s performance regarding the pandemic has been noteworthy. Unfortunately, he keeps exaggerating victories over the virus. Yet, he’s not to blame for the suffering and death that have taken place.

For 100 years, medical experts knew that future influenza threats were inevitable and dangerous, and they were existential in scope. A nuclear skirmish in one part of the world would not end mankind as we know it, but a super bug could potentially kill off the human race.

During the years since the 1919 pandemic, health experts asked for and received trillions of dollars of research money. But they were using too much of it towards many diseases that are not existential risks. Cancer research is critical, but to spend an inordinate amount to decrease this form of this disease is not more important than research to prevent another pandemic that could kill all of us.

Trump should not be blamed for the misappropriations of funds over the years. Also, Trump recruited the best minds to fight the coronavirus. Although he is making the calls about masks, distancing and logistics of the disease, medical experts are actually directing the president. Regrettably, our medical research gurus have let us down.

It’s popular to lay all the missteps on the president. I think a huge number of Americans appreciate that Trump was doing his best and implementing plans guided by his advisors. His demeanor implied something else, but his stance on opening the economy more rapidly and bringing the kids back to school are reasonable, even if you disagree with comments made on the subject.

The economy, the strongest part of Trump’s legacy, has persevered. The market is a great indicator of expectations for the future. Pessimists say the pandemic will last another year or so, but the stock market is saying otherwise. Sure, things will not be absolutely normal for a long period of time, but it seems to many that some forecasts are crazy negative. Even after 9/11, our country rallied, and all the dire predictions were overstated. If Americans in hot spots across the country follow simple rules pertaining to reining in the virus, the pandemic will subside.

Unfortunately, the reporting on the virus is not accurate. The mass media is so intent in defeating Trump that they misrepresent the truth. Most importantly is the reality that a large majority of deaths are among older Americans and those with pre-existing conditions. Young children, statistically, represent a microscopic number of deaths. Just like the measles, the bug attacks the weak and feeble. Young people are contracting the virus but very, very few are dying from it.

This misreporting is the backdrop for the decision to delay the opening of face to face teaching at the largest school districts in the country. The teachers’ unions are manipulating the decision makers politically. It’s a ploy to hurt Trump’s chances in November. Keeping the kids at home, keeping the parents from working, exaggerating the number of deaths among the young are all a means to an end, defeat Trump.

There are many silent Americans who are supporting Trump over Biden. They are not speaking up because it’s embarrassing to say you are a Trump proponent. This silent majority, just like in 2016, together with the rock-solid Trump bloc, will carry the president to victory. I’m not a supporter of the man and will not vote for him, but the reality is the reality.

And just a word on Biden. He is not mentally capable of being president. He continues to be a bumbling political hack whose only accomplishment after 50 years is that he was vice president to a substandard president.

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