It’s Pathetic: Trump Or Biden

There’s intrigue in the air. Hopeful candidates, political hacks, businesspeople, community organizers, minority groups and the news media are jockeying to position themselves before the 2020 elections. Public relations gimmicks and false advertisement in newspapers and on TV have overwhelmed Americans. The truth is difficult to come by. Every communication is wharped by election considerations.

For the first time in recent history, voters are perplexed about their choices for the highest position in the land. In most previous elections, voters would have said that at least one of the presidential contenders was well qualified to become the most powerful person on Earth. Not this year. We have two men vying for the top spot or who are a bad combination of a sick joke and outright incompetence.

On the one hand, we have Donald Trump, who miraculously stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton in 2016. Even Trump thought he was going to lose big to Hillary, as she attempted to extend the Clinton dynasty. What a surprise! The polls showed her easily defeating her opponent, and the know-it-all media was prematurely celebrating a big victory. All of a sudden Florida fell to Trump and a number of battleground states voted for Trump for the hell of it, or because Clinton didn’t feel the need to visit these places during the campaign.

What we got is a caricature of a megalomaniac as president. He didn’t know what he was doing at first and governed the country like the despot he was in business. But there was too much smoke, too many mirrors, too many lies, too much bad judgment floating around. Every Trump hater began to label the president a fibbing, self-aggrandizing, incompetent, non-diplomatic, racist, misogynistic, sexist, mean person.

For four years, America has put up with Trump’s quirky personality and inability to work with or trust anybody he hired to be Secretary of State, Attorney General, head of any number of intelligence agencies, etc. Trump’s non-familiarity with big government has turned Washington topsy-turvy. The nation’s capital is more than ever chock full of con artists, shylocks and social climbing power mongers. But now, we also have a person with bad character in the White House.

Internationally and diplomatically, Trump has been the laughingstock of the global community. His counterparts in every country couldn’t believe that the most powerful man in the world was a dingbat. Play to his ego, and you can get whatever you want from Trump, they thought.

Anyway, we survived the last four years, barely. To make matters worse a pandemic has attacked the world and made the political scene even more insane. Now we have a terrible politician playing the role of an infectious disease expert. An existential threat is being managed by a man who was famous for being a robber baron and a real estate con artist.

Many believed Trump would drop out after four years of abuse by the entire Washington infrastructure. What kind of man comes back for more punishment after getting eviscerated each and every day on all the news outlets? Everyone hates the president, even people who support him. We hoped he would say after four years, “That was fun, I want to do real estate deals and build golf courses. I quit.” No way, he wants four more years.

You would assume that savvy liberals and Trump’s opponents would recognize that he is really vulnerable and ripe to be taken down. For the second time in four years, Democrats picked a person who is one of the few people around that Trump can defeat. Joe Biden, 79 years old, Sleepy Joe, is the man that has been chosen to defeat the president. He’s been hanging around Washington for 50 years and never really accomplished anything. He likes to remind Americans that he was Vice President. Big deal.

How could Democrats select Biden to run against Trump? He’s too old, too mistake prone, inarticulate, bumbling, not respected and after half a century of doing stuff in Washington, is clearly unprepared to be president.

Just about any decent Democrat could beat Trump head-to-head, and the liberals picked Joe. They are 0 for 2 picking contenders for the presidency in the past four years. Who is the Democrat king maker? He should be summarily fired.

And consider the positions Biden must take to solidify his base: de-funder of police departments, supporter of violent protests, pro entitlement giveaways in which unemployment pays more than a real job, releaser of criminals from prison, open borders advocate, illegal immigration sponsor, government over spender, etc. And most importantly, Joe has to sound like a socialist to collect votes.

I’m shaking in my boots about the staying power of Covid-19. I’m also frightened that either Trump or Biden will be president for the next four years. Doesn’t the country have some better individuals to be president. Apparently not, at least in 2020.

Who am I going to vote for? Neither of these two candidates.



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