Republicans Fill RBG’s Seat While Democrats Whine

Democrats are whining and complaining about Republican intentions to fill a Supreme Court seat before the election. If they want to stack the court with liberals and control the process, they must win the presidency and the Senate. It’s the only way. The Constitution explicitly indicates that the president is responsible for nominating new judges, and the Senate confirms at its own pace.

In 2016, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, would not consider the nomination of Merrick Garland and wanted to wait until after the presidential election to move forward with any new nominations to the Court. The Senate is responsible for confirming new justices and McConnell was well within his rights to delay. The Democrats should work on winning a majority of the Senate to ensure that nominees are considered in a timeframe favorable to the party. But they continue to whine instead.

It’s true that the replacement of RBG with a conservative judge would be a great coup for Republicans. They will have a rock-solid majority on the Supreme Court. And, if they ignore precedent, certain laws such as a woman’s right to choose and Obamacare, could be affected. It’s doubtful that abortion will be declared unconstitutional or illegal after all these years. Obamacare could, thankfully, be on the way out.

The truth of the matter is that Republicans control the White House and the Senate. In 2016, this was not the case. With this in mind, Republicans are in a position to establish the timing and confirmation of RBG’s replacement. Republicans are doing the things the Constitution mandates that they must do. And, would Democrats do the same if the shoe was on the other foot? You bet they would.

Among the many criticisms I have about Democrats is the vengeful disdain they have for the man in the White House. They called him unfit before and after he was fairly elected by America. They’ve made it as difficult and personal as they as they could for a new president. Given Trump’s reputation, how did they think he would react to being called every dirty name in politics? I will stipulate that Trump has made no attempt to temper the situation, and now it has spun out of control.

Democrats are divided. They are guided by tired and ineffective leadership. The best they could do is nominate a 77-year old man to be their presidential candidate. The leaders in the House are ancient and despised by the new breed of Democrats in Congress.

Further, Democrat efforts to gain control of the government by selling Americans on the benefits of socialism is insane. America will remain a capitalistic country for the foreseeable future. As much as philosophers and liberals hate income inequality, it will never end completely because America is a competitive place. Every American strives to be wealthier and improve his or her lifestyle.

Clearly, Democrats are focusing on the wrong issues. They demonize the most successful among us. They say the wealthy don’t pay their fair share, as the group pays their tax liabilities year after year as prescribed by tax laws. Democrats unnecessarily antagonize the wealthy class, even as they drive the economy and donate billions each year to the needy.

Democrats are losers, and their attitude about the Supreme Court proves it. They should spend less time impeaching and whining and more time trying to solve problems and grooming more young and qualified people to run for office.

2 thoughts on “Republicans Fill RBG’s Seat While Democrats Whine

  1. Democrats Whine – Republicans obstructed the Presidents responsibility to nominate and the senate’s responsibility to recommend and approve. The Republicans should proceed as prescribed by the constitution. The Democrats are disdainful, the Republicans are brow beaten by a President whose primary interest and motivation is advancing the Trump brand. The Democrats made a poor choice in Bidden – just as the Republicans did with Trump. God save the Republic

  2. Sal, the Democrats aren’t losers. All of them are losers. They whine and point fingers instead of working together to govern the country. The republicans are as bad and as culpable as the Democrats here, their hypocrisy and deceitfulness is rich (case in point Lyndsay Graham) and their allowing a racist, hateful, deceitful, fear mongering president to go unchecked is appalling and has driven me from the party.

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