One Of These Guys Will Be President

I assume very few knowledgeable people were surprised about what happened during the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I listened to several talking heads afterwards and continue to feel the confrontation was shameful. One of these guys is going to be the next president of the United States. Heaven help us.

If any of my children behaved the way Trump did, it would result in a timeout. I wonder if the guy is like this all the time. Does he interrupt and belittle his aides? Does he scream at his wife and family? As a CEO of a big company, did he act rudely to customers, bankers and fellow workers? Does he verbally browbeat leaders of other countries if they don’t comply with his wishes?

Perhaps he was raised to be a bully by his father. What does a dad say to his son that makes him act like an uncouth ape? It’s no surprise that Trump can never behave like a normal person. As far back as the 2016 debates, he acted like a jerk. Seemingly, he’s never been embarrassed by his actions.

The only time he’s in his element is when he’s speaking to his constituencies at big rallies when he is on display. Trump is really dynamic, frequently going off script. Yet, anything goes. It’s anybody’s guess what might come out of his mouth.

Trump’s objective was to addle Biden. He wanted to confuse Joe by keeping unrelenting pressure on his opponent. Breaking Joe’s concentration was his objective, which he did numerous times during the debate. Biden, at one point, told the president to shut up. I was thinking the same thing, as was Chris Wallace. Trump was interested in proving Biden is feeble and not strong enough intellectually and otherwise to be president.

Joe Biden speaks in platitudes. He offered nothing specific to allay concerns about his mental proclivity. Maybe in the old days, Joe had a quick wit, I really don’t remember, one way or the other. But, during Tuesday night he said nothing other than Trump is an embarrassment and that he has done a lousy job as our president.

The problem with Biden’s approach is that he was playing Monday morning quarterback on the handling of Covid and other problems. The pandemic was new to everybody, including the real estate developer who was our president. And furthermore, if the US did what Joe suggested, the number of deaths would have been greater according to some experts.

The fact checkers were busy parsing every word Trump said, but they forgot to listen to Biden. His comments about the economy, health care and foreign relations were not particularly accurate.

But most of all Joe is whining too much for my taste. He is not strong, like his adversary. He also keeps telling the world about his life tragedies. We all must face demons and difficult times during our lives.

Joe Biden has started to set himself apart from the more radical elements of his party. He started out by saying he “is” the Democratic Party, a strange pronouncement. He said violent protest should be prosecuted. He is not in favor of de-funding the police. I’m wondering what AOC and Comrade Sanders are saying to their confidantes.

I don’t think many minds changed during the debate. Trump was loud and domineering. Biden seemed fragile and unprepared. He apparently had a list of statistics he wanted to mention and not forget.

The affair did not disappoint me because my expectations were so low to begin with.

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