Power and Personal Ambition

What motivates leaders of our country? Clearly, power is an aphrodisiac savored by most politicians. When do the personal objectives of people in power interfere with the needs of the many? The answer should be never, but it is frequently the case.

Most politicians believe their ideas and solutions to problems are more valuable than others. Too often, they turn a deaf ear to constructive suggestions. And so, there are two major political parties who espouse different ideologies that hopefully will give us peace, prosperity and equality. But the road to a good life is only made possible through compromise, something that can be very difficult to orchestrate these days.

Donald Trump is the best example of a man who wants the best for America and its citizens, but his actions are often unclear because of a personal agenda. Supposedly, Trump is very wealthy, so he is not driven by monetary gains, but, is this really true? Although he ceded the management of his personal assets to his sons and other confidantes, the Trump empire seems to benefit greatly because the real force behind the company is the president of the United States.

Our forefathers anticipated this circumstance, conflict between personal wealth for those in a position of power, and the good of the nation. And so, over the years, presidents were required to divest ownership, or at a minimum, control over assets that could be affected by their position in government. Trump is an excellent example of how personal priorities can result in poor presidential decisions.

Let’s dig deeper into the issue of conflicts. For some reason, Trump has decided to take a leading role in the handling of the pandemic. He has made quite a few decisions that others, including health experts, have disagreed with.

One could say that the health care community was caught with their pants down during the initial onset of Covid. This blog has been critical of medical efforts that resulted in more cases of the disease and more deaths. What have researchers been doing in the last 100 years, since the last great pandemic, to protect mankind against an existential health threat? Seemingly very little, or they have been diverted by other research projects. Medical experts get low marks for there preventative work as it pertains to influenza.

How has Trump responded? He, believing that he is the smartest person in the world, initiated actions that were not endorsed by health experts. The layman, Trump, morphed into an infectious disease guru. Trump established protocols that were derided by the health community. Did he do so because he had no confidence in the “experts,” or is he just a control freak thinking that he could be the person who saves mankind? Incidentally, he has insisted on using therapeutics that are still in the research stage for his own care.

The largest mistake that Trump makes on a daily basis is that he does not rely upon his aides. A president can recruit virtually anyone to help him or her govern the country, and Trump has been chewing up and spitting out quite a few of such people. They leave positions of great power because it is so hard to work for this president.

Why is this so? It’s because Trump has a personal agenda. He wants to be legendary. He wants to be a great hero. He wants to be adored and beatified by the people. He wants to show every American and every other person on Earth that he’s the greatest. He will steamroll anyone who challenges his ultimate authority. He is a clear and present danger because of his pride. Pride is a deadly sin.

So, what do we do now? The choice is between Trump, a megalomaniac undeserving of such great power, and Biden, an older man who will not actually govern the country. If Biden wins, it’s likely that left-wing liberals like Pelosi, Harris, Sanders, AOC, Schumer and scores of caucuses in Congress will usurp power from the president and the executive branch of government. We now have a president who has too much personal authority. Under Biden, socialists and anti-American groups will have a field day. Good luck picking a candidate.

One thought on “Power and Personal Ambition

  1. I do not think Trump wants what’s best for the country. Yes he wants to be Legendary; the Greatest. But he doesn’t have tools. Period full stop “That’s all folks”. Certainly Biden is no prize, but he won’t be shill for the left. He’s wanted to be president a long time. If elected he’ll be presidential, in a Biden sort of way.
    KH is the threat from the left if Joe’s health fades and he can’t execute the office. The look Left.
    It appears we are getting just what we asked for. How unfair

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