Biden Thinks He Can Negotiate With Iran

President Biden is falling into the same trap as his former boss and mentor, Barack Obama. Biden mistakenly believes he can negotiate with, and reason with, Iran’s ayatollahs relating to their nuclear weapons aspirations and that sanctions are an impediment to peace.

The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial, has seconded the generally accepted belief that Iran will take advantage of US negotiators if the 2015 nuclear deal is revamped. After all, Obama hacks have joined Biden’s negotiating team and are prepared to give away the ranch one more time.

If a new deal enables Iran to develop weapons of mass destruction at any time in the future, the effort will be a failure. Correspondingly, an agreement that increases Iran’s cash flow to fund terrorism would be disastrous. Don’t be misled, Iran’s two principal objective are these items.

Trump abrogated the aforementioned deal with Iran and ratcheted up sanctions with the goal of encouraging regime change. The sanctions are essentially bankrupting Iran and its people. Oil revenues were slashed, and warmongering Iranian clerics continue to use every available rial to fund new weapons research and to pay for their far-ranging terrorist agenda.

Rockets struck a US base in Iraq this week. A contractor was killed, and several others were wounded. To make matters worse, a US service member also died in the attack. The State Department said the US would bring those responsible to justice. Most experts believe an Iran-backed militia group was behind the attack, and Iran either implicitly or explicitly was involved. Nevertheless, the US “has responded with a major concession on Iran sanctions that will … support such groups”.

No doubt Tehran believes Biden is so anxious to make a deal that he will ignore or downplay further hostile activity towards the US and its allies.

The Biden administration “will rescind Mr. Trump’s claim that UN sanctions … had been restored on Iran through the ‘snap back mechanism.’” This effectively acknowledges that Iran has the right to purchase advanced weapons. The Wall Street Journal said, “it’s a strange way to hold accountable people trying to kill Americans.”

This is deja vu all over again. Obama wanted to do a legacy deal with our worst enemy that was based upon mutual trust. Yet, the ayatollahs cannot be trusted. Why would the US agree to allow a rogue nation, committed to destroying Israel and killing Sunnis, to build a nuclear device that will totally destabilize the Middle East?

Regime change should be our goal. There will be no peace in the region until the current regime is replaced with more moderate leaders.

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  1. Sid, You are absolutely right here. I think Obama is calling the shots here and it’s going to get worse worse. Hope you are well. Alice


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