Biden Is Challenging Voter Integrity

Regarding voter rights, President Biden has taken a forceful approach in recent days, recognizing that a Senate filibuster threat and Republican appointed SCOTUS justices will not allow the federal government to ride roughshod over state influence on elections. But many opponents resent the tone of Biden’s comments and the accuracy of them.

Biden has resorted to name-calling and inappropriate rhetoric about Republican state efforts to ensure our elections are fair. He says the GOP is attacking our democracy, and that the current situation is tantamount to a Civil War (a terrible reference, the Civil War ended slavery). What the president doesn’t do is apply common sense or moderation to his approach. For this reason, he will fail in his efforts to increase voter participation with his misdirected proposals.

Notwithstanding Democratic accusations that Republicans are trying to tilt elections in their favor, do they really believe that they are the only party taking the high road? Do Democrats believe only they are trying to streamline elections and ensure they are fair? Liberals are trying to convince the public that conservatives would trash our democratic ideals to win an election. Funny, this is exactly what the previous president accused Democrats of doing during the 2020 election.

There is plenty of voter reform that should be considered by federal and state regulators and Congress. Our election systems are falling behind and creating doubt among some voters, as to their accuracy. Myrna Perez, a Biden judge appointee said the following before she was recently installed on the bench: “Our democracy works best when we believe that everybody should have free, fair and accessible elections.” All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, should agree with this pronouncement. But freedom, fairness and accessibility have practical limitations.

Let’s analyze the situation in another way. What should every American want on Election Day? Every qualified voter should be able to be able to find time to go to a polling place or fill in an absentee ballot at home, and vote. Every voter must be qualified meaning that the person is alive and resides in a certain voting district.

Regarding absentee ballots, they make the process more universal, but there are major issues that need to be considered. Are ballots only going to qualified voters? Are they being sent to correct addresses? Are cheaters collecting absentee ballots and voting illegally? How can we be sure that the person submitting an absentee ballot is the one actually voting?

The system was far from foolproof before all of the grandiose Democratic efforts began in recent years to improve our voting system. That’s not to say change was not needed. Previously, in New York, a voter went to the polling place, signed in, entered a voting booth and cast a ballot. Now voters may vote early, days and months before Election Day. Blank absentee ballots are being mailed without any verification. Poll hours have been increased. Photo ID’s are not required in some places. Ballots can be deposited in drop boxes located throughout the voting area. There is a great deal of opportunity to cheat. What is troublesome is that some elections are being decided by a few hundred votes, so that just a little bit of malfeasance can change a campaign result.

Common sense has to reign over decisions to change our voting system. Some proposals will be beneficial to Democrats and some to Republicans. It’s nonsense to say that Republicans benefit by low turnout, and so they are working to cause voters to stay home. The fact is, most changes have come from Democrats up to this point. Republicans are responding to Democratic proposals to increase voting that make no sense and/or creating a dangerous opportunity to cheat.

I want more voters and more integrity of their votes.

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