Biden’s Afghan Strategy Is A Disaster

The entire Afghanistan affair has been totally predicable. From the moment President Biden announced his intention to withdraw from the country, the only thing protecting innocent civilians and Afghans helpful to the US were the troops stationed in the country and the military aircraft located nearby. These assets were the only lifelines.

Afghanistan grows terrorists. What did the Biden administration expect? Chaos created by maniacal Taliban militia is the perfect environment for regime change, ISIS, al Qaeda and religious fanatics.

Why did the US take away the only protection for Americans and non-combatant Afghans? The Taliban had already taken control of most regions when the initial US forces withdrew.

When the US forces dwindled to a few thousand concentrated in Kabul, the Taliban advanced and created a hellhole for Afghan citizens throughout the whole country. And then, ISIS unleashed suicide bombers that killed 13 US service people and wounded many other soldiers and bystanders, an act that will likely be repeated as time goes by.

The president reacted to the latest atrocity like we all suspected he would. He said the US would “hunt down” the responsible people for the attack. How many times have we heard this empty promise? Who are going to hunt down the attackers? American soldiers? Is Biden going to bring back American GIs to avenge the death of our people? No. Or, is Biden going to bomb Taliban and ISIS strong holes? No. You know what that means, collateral damage, as the terrorist fighters use civilians for cover. Biden is not going to avenge anything.

Biden’s only objective is to get Americans out of Afghanistan, so his opposition, our allies, the media and the general public stop bashing him. He and his people are boasting about how many individuals are being airlifted each day from the country. We don’t even know if terrorists are among this group. In the meantime there are possibly a thousand more Americans in mortal danger.

And what about the evacuation date of August 31? It’s now fashionable to pick dates to withdraw in shame. Why does it have any significance, other than telling the enemy that America is walking away and will leave the country to the Taliban on a date certain?

The Taliban has to be patient and there will be no external resistance for it to deal with in the future. In fact, the Taliban will probably just begin fighting among themselves for power and with the nut cases that are training to be murderers in their country.

Joe Biden, you really dug a deep ditch for yourself. You showed you are not prepared or equipped to be a wartime commander-in-chief. There was no way to exit the country without leaving innocent Afghan people to the animals now controlling the country. But did you have to be so impulsive about evacuating troops before non-military Americans and helpful Afghans could be brought to safety?

The only thing the Taliban understands is brute force. You don’t have any military power at your disposal unless you want to carpet bomb the entire country and kill terrorists and civilian.

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