Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

In recent weeks, I’ve been shocked by the incompetence and dearth of leadership exhibited by our government and those that control Congress and the White House. Being a great leader is not just a matter of getting elected, it is a measurement of the skills one has to protect his or her constituency and solve problems, even if they arise because of actions of others.

Consider the COVID situation. You would think our nation would come together in the midst of a deadly pandemic. You would think that our president would work with governors from all 50 states to create a comprehensive list of protocols and mandates to protect our country from unnecessary sickness and death. You would think world leaders would collaborate in an attempt to work together to stymie the spread of a killer virus. This has not happened, and so people around the world are dying.

For selfish, personal reasons, the pols along with the medical community are incapable of creating a consensus, delivering it to the public and suppressing the spread of COVID and its mutations. Professionals in government and health organizations have not worked hard enough to allay the fears of average Americans. The average Joe has no idea whether vaccines prevent COVID or mitigate the symptoms of the sickness. The public has not been convinced that taking the vaccine is a surefire remedy. Some say it is, and some say it is not. Who should we believe? This is the reason for the reticence on the part of some Americans about taking vaccinations.

There is a huge population of Americans who don’t trust the government regarding Covid and vaccines. This perspective was caused by the rhetoric of liberals who convinced each other that if Donald Trump is involved, a cure for the disease won’t work. Now conservatives have turned the tables and are saying if Sleepy Joe endorses the vaccination it will not be effective.

A true leader would try to convince every American to take the vaccine, and that it is the best answer to the pandemic available at this time. Biden has been ineffective in this regard. He continues to be swayed by Fauci who keeps changing his mind about important issues. As president, Biden should replace Fauci and find new experts who are more decisive and convincing.

Consider the chaos on the southern border. Thousands of unvaccinated people are illegally crossing our border. These same people are sapping the resources of border states and other places where they are being shipped.

Biden told his Vice President to deal with the situation because he had no idea what to do himself. She hasn’t spent any meaningful time or effort in finding a solution to the illegal immigration imbroglio because to do so who expose her lack of leadership.

A country is not a country if its borders are not secure. Americans cannot save the world. Millions and even billions of people would immigrate to America if it were possible. We have the highest standard of living in the world bar none. Who would not want to live here? Our country must be selective and wise about its immigration policies, which it currently does not have.

The president must make tough decisions to protect America and Americans even if it results in disappointment for those camping on and approaching our borders. Call out the Army reserves, increase the number of border agents, stop illegals from entering the country and send those in detention back to their countries of origin. Be a leader President Biden. Make the tough calls.

In the meantime, Biden is working hard to find a peaceful resolution of the nuclear conflict with Iran. I’ve written about the stupidity of negotiating with a country like Iran. The rogue ayatollahs want an atomic weapon so they can intimidate their neighbors and non-Islamic people. They hate their brothers and their sisters who pray to the same God if they are Sunni. They really hate westerners and Jews. Iran wants to destabilize all those who disagree with their politics and religion.

Iran is a menace that threatens the Middle East. The only reasonable course is to continue to ratchet up sanctions, bankrupt the country and encourage regime change. There is no hope for Iran under its current leadership. Biden should be working closely with Israel to parry terrorist activities funded by Iran with deadly force. It will take true leadership and courage, and Biden doesn’t have the chops to do what must be done.

Presidents have worked both sides of the aisle for more than two centuries in this country. Presidents found compromise for the good of the nation. Biden lied to every group in America when he campaigned for president. He is not a moderate Democrat. He caters to progressives and far-left wing interests. He has alienated Republicans. He bit off more than he could chew economically. Unfortunately, he is unable to spell economics or inflation.

Biden will not pass his super entitlement program thanks to Senators Manchin and Sinema, real American politicians.

The reason why America is lacking true leadership is because I personally know so many men and women who eschew politics and elected office. It is a dirty profession. These people are all making a life and a fortune and a reputation in other areas when they would could be saving America. Unfortunately, the great leaders choose to stay away from government, and the US is less for it.  

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