An Optimistic Perspective

One of my readers indicated that Softball Politics has become unduly negative during the past few months. After musing about this observation, I decided to write an upbeat post. Thank you Chris T.

In case you have not noticed, newspapers and news outlets are generally focused on tragedies and unhappy events. Scan the front page of the NY Times and see for yourself. Political intrigue, natural disasters, homicides, rioting, wars, human rights violations, sexual misbehavior, pandemics, illness and crime are all the rage. But today, in this essay, I’m going to say some positive things about our country and our world.

Note: Today’s headlines in the Times include the following: “Manchin Says No, Deserting Biden. .  .” “Potential Fatal Blow Hits a $2.2 Trillion Spending Plan,”  “Most Shots Used Abroad May Not Halt Omicron,” “Shelters Rely On Landlord Called Worst,” “How the I.O.C. Shields China,” etc.

To begin with, our nation is fighting valiantly against Covid and it’s mutant offspring. Sometimes the government seems befuddled, and a significant number of Americans have chosen not to be vaccinated. But our pharmaceutical companies have performed magnificently. They created vaccines in record time, thereby saving millions of lives. It’s unknown how long the pandemic will disrupt our lives, but America will not give in to this deadly disease.

Our children are back in school for the most part. Educators agree kids learn better when they do it face-to-face with their teachers. Some of our young ones are probably a little behind, but there is ample time to catch up. Thankfully, our teachers have cooperated in recent weeks with back to school mandates across the country.

The stock market has rewarded investors who have had the courage to stay invested during Covid. Liberals don’t accept trickle down economics, but the current rally in the markets will generate a lot of money for charities and social programs moving forward.

I hope cultural events continue to increase. There has been some hesitation recently. However, sports events, concerts, movie theaters are more prevalent these days. During the health crisis, so many activities were canceled leaving Americans with a death of entertainment options. Covid has benefited the likes of Netflix and HBO.

It’s hard to quantify, but I believe American families have grown closer during the pandemic. Parents spend more time with their children. This will pay dividends in the future. Unfortunately extended family activities have been deferred in many situations.

I think first responders including teachers have done a remarkable job. Many risk their lives every day. Many sick individuals were saved because of their bravery, empathy and the dedication of doctors, nurses and emergency medical teams.

The world has become healthier and more diligent on the heels of Covid. This may be a very important phenomenon for the future as Mother Nature challenges our determination to survive. Who knows what sinister health issues may arise in years to come?

On a related note, more money for more research needs to be spent to protect our world.  Perhaps the global community will be more conscientious and spend less on nuclear weapons, bombs and rifles. This savings could be used to anticipate the next pandemic.

As we look forward, what improvements can we expect? Domestically, we must improve the quality of our leaders. They need to be more concerned with the well-being and safety of their constituents and the country, rather than only trying to retain their seats in government. What ever happened to term limits?

Our leaders and lawmakers must be mindful that indiscriminate spending will result in more inflation. Carefully crafted entitlements are the key to helping the needy and ultimately balancing the budget.

Americans must practice their right to protest, peacefully. Our police departments should consider their protocols and find agreement with local leaders.

Our borders are vulnerable. The government needs to enforce new policies to protect our homeland.

The education of our children is critical to our future. Powerful unions have been an impediment to better conditions and performance. It’s time we all worked for the same goals.

Internationally, our focus should be on peace, human rights and disease control. We, and the rest of the world, have a long way to go, so the US must assert itself in the future to insure better conditions for everyone.

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