The Biden Administration Gets An “F”

In November 2022, Americans will vote to emasculate the Democratic Party. Republicans will ride a red wave and take control of both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The significance of this event cannot be overstated.

Republicans will immediately assume leadership of the legislative process. President Biden will be unable to find support for his pathetic agenda. Progressive initiatives will come to a screeching halt as Republicans treat the president as a lame duck.

Republicans will likely be stymied for the days until the next presidential election. It’s unlikely that conservatives will be able to overcome a barrage of vetoes issued by the White House between 2022 and 2024. Legislative paralysis will overcome Washington, as Republicans slash and burn down every progressive initiative while simultaneously being blocked by presidential vetoes.

But this will be the beginning of a new era with Republicans in the driver seat because Joe Biden has no chance of being reelected. To make matters worse his party has no viable opponent to face off against the potential Republican nominee (could it be Kamala Harris? Ha, Ha.). Of course, all this becomes moot if Donald Trump is able to reassert himself, which I doubt. I predict the former president will become a ghost after the midterm elections in November.

Just to clear the air, I believe that Democrats are getting what they deserve. They nominated a man with little credibility. He is too old and feeble to lead the country, which has become evident during the failure of every important issue he championed. Ultra-progressives, like the Squad, thought they could dominate the legislative process and the White House. But, Biden legislation proposals were unable to pass, and thankfully so. They would have bankrupted America, if successful.

A new realization has overwhelmed the country. Several huge issues have caused independents and even moderate Democrats alike to question the most important Democratic aspirations. Overspending on social issues at a time when prudence and frugality are needed was the beginning of the end for the Biden administration. What has resulted instead is inflation and even greater national debt pressure on our financial system. Even lifelong Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin saw this materializing. His courage likely prevented a financial disaster in the country.

Joe Biden has failed on every major policy issue facing the country. Let’s review some of the most important ones.

Americans don’t want an open border that allows illegals to wade across the Rio Grande River and to use resources that should go to needy Americans. For more than a year, the wave of undocumented immigrants has caused dissension in borders states and concerns about gang activities, drug smuggling and COVID concerns. Now Biden wants to double down and eliminate Title 42, which gives the US the ability to stop illegals from coming into the United States. Polls indicate that a majority of Americans are not happy with immigration standards at all.

Biden pulled out of Afghanistan prematurely and left US citizens in jeopardy. But mostly, Biden showed that he could not be trusted by our allies to meet commitments made. After all the years, the deaths incurred and money spent, Afghanistan is even more corrupt and dangerous than when the US first invaded it years ago.

During the impending crisis with Russia, Biden has proven that he is not a commander-in-chief. Someone is running the show relating to Ukraine in Washington, but it isn’t Biden. The country needs our support to fight against Russian aggression. We should give the brave people of the Ukraine the resources needed to repel and defeat Russia. The threats of nuclear war are a canard. Mutual destruction has been effective for over 75 years. Russia will not end mankind over its spat with Ukraine.

The COVID crisis is possibly the most frustrating issue of all. There is no consensus among the leaders of our country, the scientists and the citizens. Every group has their own agenda. The edicts from the president, the CDC, Fauci, governors, congressmen and congresswomen, teachers, truck drivers have all been different. The average American does not know what to do to protect him or herself from the disease. Leadership is abominable. I hope the mandate to unmask is the right one, and we don’t have another outbreak of COVID.

Democrats are finally recognizing that they are not the final say on many other important issues. Democrats are not our parents; they serve us. For instance, parents want a say in what their children learn in school especially regarding sexual and social issues.

Americans want to be protected by a strong police presence. Defunding our police and first responders was an idiotic proposal fostered by misguided anarchists.

Free speech applies to everyone, not just liberals. Schools should afford students the opportunity to consider both sides of controversial subjects, not just what the liberal press and liberal teachers forced upon them.

Forgiving school debt is an insult to students who have worked hard to meet their responsibilities and to taxpayers who cannot afford to pay other people’s debts.

And finally, Democrats should spend more time learning about inflation. It occurs when too much money chases limited goods and services. By creating an energy shortage, while trying to eliminate fossil fuels at the same time, Democrats added greatly to inflation in the country.

The current administration gets an “F” from this citizen. I suspect many others feel as I do, and the red wave will overcome Democrat candidates in the next two elections.

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