Charles Blow Blows His Horn In Opposition To Trump

Charles Blow, columnist at the NY Times, really would like to see Trump in jail for crimes against the nation including sedition, an attempted coup d’état. The January storming of the Capitol by a group of radical right wingers was a travesty, deserving of punishment and a stain on American history. But there was no chance that Trump would rise to the top like other famous authoritarians from the past. The threat to our democracy is being overstated to a great degree.

Nevertheless, I opposed Trump repeatedly before, during and after his tenure as president. His time in the Oval Office earned him “the worst president award,” in my opinion. And I just don’t believe that Trump has the support of enough Americans to make a credible attempt to be president again. Unfortunately, Fox News continues to prove they are no better than their liberal opposition. Too many of their talking heads think Trump deserves another chance to lead this country. I believe this is utter insanity.

Blow, and commentators of like mind, want to guillotine Trump to make sure he doesn’t become president. In a strange way, Biden is so incompetent and unprepared to be president that he gives a megalomaniac like Trump an opportunity. The bar is so low. Just because the last elections have pitted Trump against Clinton and Trump against Biden doesn’t mean that any of these people can be viable candidates.

Credible Republican candidates are frightened to face off against Trump. Why, because they are concerned, he actually has influence over many voters. I believe this is untrue. Dedicated Republicans want someone other than Trump to represent them, just like Democrats want someone other than Biden to represent them.

Back to Blow. A reasonable person should agree that Charles Blow wants Trump to be in jail so he cannot run for president. I appreciate his perspective, but he’s overstating Trump’s influence.

The January assault on the Capitol was nowhere near a successful takeover of our government. It was a protest gone out of control, just like ones perpetrated by radical liberals across the country. All violent participants should spend time in jail.

Blow is trying to convince some people that Trump represents Satan and will return to take over the Earth. For sure, Trump is evil, but to classify him as Beelzebub is a bit much. Trump will be lucky to not get indicted by the Justice Department. He has no magical powers that will help him, nor will anyone try to spring him from jail.

Blow’s op-ed is just another piece that talks about how bad a person Trump is. He learned from his mistakes and will be more evil next time if he wins. Trump can’t be held accountable if he’s president. He will use the presidency to make himself wealthier. He hates women, and so do his supporters. Trump is a sex maniac. And so on.

I admit, I want Trump out of the spotlight and not in government. If he’s in jail, he can’t run, so maybe that would be a good outcome. Trump and Biden are two hiccups in American history. Neither will win their party’s nomination.

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