President Felon

Every day the accusations and subpoenas increase from battling political parties. The possibility that former president Donald Trump committed all sorts of criminal acts seems indisputable, hence I have renamed him “President Felony.”

How long will Americans continue to protect this one-man perpetrator of crimes and chaos. If he is reelected president, we will spend four more years investigating and impeaching him and other government officials. Isn’t it time to move on, even if the 2020 election did not end to your liking?

Trump is a misbehaving child in a 70-year-old empty suit. Why would any American put up with his shenanigans for one second longer. It’s time that Americans work to replace this madman with a politician who operates within legal boundaries and does not think he is above the law. Trump is constantly looking to start a confrontation or say something so stupid (or inflammatory) that voters should demand he retire to his palace in Florida and get out of our faces.

Why would Trump knowingly abscond top secret documents from the White House? Did he plan to use them in a new book or discuss their contents with business associates and friends? Why would he intentionally break the rules and create a legitimate national security crisis? What’s the upside of his actions? Did Trump expect that adversaries would ignore such imbecilic behavior?

After the election results were in, did Trump, the megalomaniac, expect Congress to disavow a fair contest? And why would a sitting president ever covertly or overtly encourage sedition and violence. America is not a third world country ruled by authoritarians. A coup d’état is not an option in the Constitution.

Even if there were sporadic illegal actions during the last election, Trump supporters must give up the cause. If not, there will be an unfortunate result in 2024, another free spending, woke Democrat in the White House. What could be worse? Actually, Trump in the White House would be a worse eventuality.

Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty of wasting resources, overspending, resisting compromise and putting elections above all else. They are not living up to the ideals that our founding fathers proclaimed in the 1700s. Power, greed and a closed minds dominate most people in Washington DC and the country.

It’s time to change the job description of the president, not to the leader of one party, but leader of all Americans. The new president should be a real patriot, willing to use all his and her efforts to make America a better place for every Republican and Democrat. The new president should be younger, more vibrant and tolerant.

Our government operates better when political parties find the middle ground. Social issues have dogged us for generations. We need to build compromise to finally put to rest gun control and the woman’s right to choose, and refocus on climate change, recession, pandemics, nuclear proliferation and human rights.

The next president must be strong in mind and determination. He or she must be willing to come to the rescue of Americans and people around the world. And most importantly, the US must lead the world militarily and economically.

With a more expansive mindset, the next president will find there is room for compromise and a desire to temper the bad blood in our government.

Do we really want a felon in the White House? I think not. It’s time that both parties find great men and women to govern and lead our country.

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