Trump Isn’t Intelligent Enough To Bring Down Our Democracy

The time has come to isolate Donald Trump from the political discourse in this country.  His intentions are nefarious, and he aspires to be a leader reminiscent of some of the world’s most autocratic (and despicable) leaders past and present.

The recent death of Soviet strongman Mikhail Gorbachev is an important reminder that people throughout the world want democracy and the right to choose their leaders. They are terrified of political power being centralized in one person. History has shown us that autocratic governments eventually end terribly. Gorbachev put an end to the Cold War because he was farsighted. He knew that in an atomic age his beloved Russia could not compete with the US. 

Gorbachev’s diplomatic acumen and prophetic assessment of unlimited authority led him to make a temporary peace with the West so that his country could more effectively exist in the new age. He feared that Russia would evolve into a second-rate power if he did nothing. Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin eventually took control and turned Europe upside down.

The absurdity of Trump’s behavior and his one-day attempt to incite a coup d’état cannot be overstated. Trump contested a fair election without the support he would need to change our democracy to some other form of government under his leadership. This ridiculous gambit failed and has led us into political turmoil as we consider Trump’s true objectives.  

There are many reasons why Trump was in no position to start a revolution. First, the former president is not intelligent enough and lacks the skills to lead a bureaucratic democratic nation, much less an authoritarian state where he would have to make many more decisions. Trump could not even keep a cabinet of advisers intact during his tenure as president. 

Second, a coup requires the support of the military to unseat the existing government. It has been pointed out on numerous occasions that the current US military leadership would not back Trump in such a bold and crazy strategy.

Thirdly, during his tenure, Trump was unable to enhance the power of the Executive Branch, which would be a precursor to expanding his personal influence. What could he accomplish after losing the election?

So, when I read that Biden believes Trump is a threat to our democracy, I slap my forehead. Trump has no power over anyone other than a motley group of followers who want to denigrate our country. To think that he is a modern-day Stalin, Putin, Xi or equal to any two-bit leader of a banana republic is a sorry exaggeration. The only kingdom Trump will ever rule is Mar-A-Largo.

However, I am not so naïve to think that Trump would be unable to destroy a great opportunity for Republicans to retake the government in a free and fair election. He has followers that are brainwashed by a megalomaniac in an empty suit. Even the Talking Heads at Fox News continue to support Trump. The man could not win a general election. Everyone knows he is a demented and misguided.

Republicans need to move on and select a man or woman that will obliterate Biden or any other weak politician the Democrats might nominate. Republicans- don’t miss this opportunity to end frivolous spending, eco-dominated laws, defunding of the police and a weak-handed attitude towards Russia, China, Iran and all the war mongering threats globally.

Americans- forget about Trump. He’s a bad dream that can finally end with your vote.

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