Age of Destruction

Our nation is floundering. All aspects of government are in limbo and virtually ineffective. Compromise between the major political parties is not possible. Our leaders and lawmakers cannot agree on any priorities. And the economy is heading towards a recession, higher prices and untenable national debt.

There are no opportunities for negotiators to meet and compromise in the nation’s capital. Free time is spent castigating individuals and seemingly unattainable objectives. Both sides do not trust the other side, even on issues that are existentially important to all Americans.

Among these items is nuclear proliferation. Putin has morphed into a science fiction evil force who pillages, lies and assaults others in a fruitless effort to dominate mankind. He threatens others with nuclear force just like the bad guys in the movies. In the meantime, Russia continues to experience huge losses of life while unsuccessfully trying to overwhelm a small and somewhat defenseless neighbor. In my dreams, I wish the US had a bench full of brave patriots with the courage and leadership acumen of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine.

China is intent on keeping political tensions high as it makes its case to recover an independent former island possession. What kind of leaders threaten others with oblivion for relatively negligible causes? And while the big guys are pushing and shoving each other at the UN, and in the South China Sea, nutcases like the Iranian ayatollahs and the dimwit in North Korea are threatening others with weapons of mass destruction. How could the US allow unpredictable two-bit banana republics to build weapons that could stymie humanity? It has always been a top priority of the US to halt nuclear proliferation. Why are we not living up to this promise?

In the meantime, the US government is still debating whether millions of illegal aliens should be allowed to continue to enter the United States. Governors of border states are calling the bluffs of governors of sanctuary states by sending them illegals with free transportation. Illegals, according to radicals, are only acceptable in other neighborhoods.

Exacerbating a plethora of national issues is the fossil fuel controversy. We cannot ban fossil fuels before we have alternative sources of energy. Tesla is not ready to sell battery-operated cars to Americans at this time, at an affordable price. We need fossil fuels to drive our automobiles today and to drive our economy for the next few years.

The current occupants of the White House are attempting to convince the nation and the world that Joe Biden is a leader with all his senses and should run for president again. Not a day passes that Biden’s sycophants don’t walk-back something stupid the president has said. You don’t have to be a geriatric psychiatrist to know that Biden should be in a rest home, not blathering in front of the morons and anti-Americans at the United Nations.

In schools, radical left wingers are attempting to poison young people with perspectives that are not acceptable to a majority of parents. Since when is brainwashing the way to educate children? Since when are our children taught about political, sexual and racial issues by teachers without support from parents?

We are at a crossroads and possibly an age of destruction. At a minimum, power in Washington should change hands immediately. The Democrats are incapable of running the country; they proved it without a doubt. Conservative government, without any interference by Trump, is what we need before the next general election.

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