The NY Times and Softball Politics Expect Huge Electoral Gains For Republicans

On November 8, those who didn’t vote early will make their choices for national, state and local officials. I’d like to announce that the New York Times and Softball Politics are of one mind regarding the elections. This essay will first refer to a Times article on Wednesday and end with an overview of the political landscape by SP.

The Times appears to be giving up on the liberal party in the impending midterm elections. A red wave could be in the offing. In a story titled, “Democrats Say Party Stumbles On Messaging,” the paper used a number of defeated expressions and words in the piece that make it clear what they think will transpire on Election Day. It’s not good news for Democrats.

Here are a few examples.

  • Democrats have failed to coalesce around one effective message with enough time to stave off major losses in the House and possibly decisive defeats in the highly contested Senate. [I suspect the Times is referring to immigration, inflation, education, the economy, crime …]
  • Republicans hammer away [effectively] with attacks over the economy and public safety. [These are winning issues.]
  • Democrats have offered a scattering [and relatively ineffective] shot of their own accusing their opponents of wanting to cut abortions, shred the social safety net and shake the foundation of American democracy. [In the meantime, inflation is decreasing our buying power on a daily basis.]
  • Yet as the country struggles with high gas prices, record inflation and economic uncertainty some Democrats now acknowledge that their kitchen sink approach may be lacking. [Amen.]
  • In the area where victory depends on high Black voter turnout, Democrats worry that they are not mobilizing that constituency.
  • Others say there has been too much focus on abortion rights and too little attention on the worries about crime or the cost of living.
  • Democrats point to an inadequate economic message and inability to [effectively] herald their legislative accomplishments.
  • The truth is Democrats have done a poor job of communicating their approach to the economy, said a Democratic Representative from Michigan.
  • If you can’t speak directly to people’s pocketbooks and talk about our vision for the economy, you’re just having half a conversation.

The article goes on in this vein for quite some time. The fact is that Democrats and almost everyone else believe liberals are on the verge of a catastrophic loss of power that will hurt them dearly in the upcoming presidential election in 2024 [and will enable them to add more conservatives to the Supreme Court].

Now consider SP perspectives.

The inability of Joe Biden to assist his fellow Democrats is not helping the electoral cause. Democratic leaders have called on the likes of Barack Obama and other former Democratic political stars. Biden has even resorted to having Jill Biden make rallying speeches across the country in his absence.

It’s interesting that most of the rhetoric coming from the left relates to a loss of democracy in the country. The continuing strategy of using Donald Trump as the villain has not been successful. Democrats are in power, controlling the presidency and both houses of Congress. In spite of this overwhelming position of strength, Democrats have done little to encourage voters to support for them on November 8th.

Democrats have also worked very hard using the shameful attacks on the Capitol as political fodder. The people involved in the unlawful siege of Washington do not represent the Republican Party in the United States. To say that longtime Republicans are in any way like the criminals who stormed the capitol is a great falsehood and will not be endorsed by mainstream voters.

It’s clear to me that the Democratic Party needs to reorganize and elevate younger lawmakers into positions of importance. The continuing reliance on the likes of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi will not be helpful to the future of the political party. Of course, it should be noted that the progressive tendencies of young Democratic lawmakers has not be well received by American voters.

It’s very sad that we have such incompetent and insensitive leaders currently running our government. From the words of the New York Times above it’s obvious that many in the media are fed up with lies and exaggerations about faux accomplishments by the party. Time and again the president has said we are not in a recession, inflation is subsiding and everything is under control. I beg to differ. We are destined to face more difficult times economically and politically in this country. Not until the right leaders are elected and the old leaders who are incapable of compromise are eliminated, will we have domestic and international tranquility.

In a previous blog, I lauded the bravery and determination of the Ukraine president. Once again, I would like to do so and say that there must be leaders of the same quality in our country who would bring us back to prosperity and security.

Unfortunately, if the Republicans do take control of both houses of Congress, the country is in for at least a two-year hiatus, where nothing will get done legislatively. Joe Biden will veto substantive efforts to improve our economic and political situations. Only after a presidential victory for the Republican Party will our country get back on the right track to being great once again.

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