Biden No, Trump No

America is on a collision course domestically and with the rest of the world because of unwise decisions or inaction by the current president. In spite of this, Democrats are ready to support Joe Biden as he runs for a second term.

Similarly, Donald Trump, despite his inability to effectively lead the country, is the frontrunner even while he battles the authorities over a plethora of crimes and untoward illegal behavior.

The collective reasons why neither Biden or Trump should be in politics is overwhelming. And the people that support these two bozos should consider their choices before the situation worsens.

Repeatedly, this blog has viciously attacked these likely candidates. Cries from learned individuals and savvy pols are falling on deaf ears. Both men will endanger our democracy and our way of life. Their actions as presidents have proven so. Today, more than any other time in history, we need leaders who are willing and able to negotiate effectively, who will not back down from the dangers that impact our country and our way of life and be transparent. What Americans don’t need are leaders who are self-absorbed, intellectually deficient and have total disregard for our laws.

How do Biden and Trump compare to past wartime presidents? George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt are the standards our leaders must live up to; we do not need bungling old fools who eschew traditional morality.

I’m sick of hearing why Biden and Trump are good candidates. Joe Biden has not lived up to any of the promises he made during his last campaign. He promised to be a leader who would bring Americans together; the opposite has occurred. In every situation, Biden has bowed to the most radical, liberal individuals in his party. In the meantime, he has ignored important issues that dramatically affect our country and the way we live. Most important is the immigration catastrophe on our southern border, which is hurting border states greatly from a financial perspective and causing gigantic refugee problems. Also, Biden has supported costly and ill-conceived woke efforts including defunding of police departments, decreased bail for dangerous felons and inappropriate actions by teachers. He has backed ridiculous proposals to pay off school loans and fund ill-conceived new entitlements.

As a world leader, Joe Biden has fallen short in every challenge. He stood by and allowed China to make great gains in terms of world leadership at the expense of the United States. Only after being forced to do so, Joe Biden help the Ukrainians in their fight for freedom. Many say that the Democrats are in power because they accede to the needs of the downtrodden without any consideration towards the financial security of our country. Biden has taken this ideology to new heights.

I’m stunned that some Americans continue to be very supportive of a Trump campaign for president. How in heaven’s name can anyone support this man when he is such a horrible person, a dishonest and disgraceful businessman, a narcissist and after he has convincingly proven that he has no ability to manage the country. To make matters worse, he’s the subject of numerous criminal and civil proceedings ranging from rape to concealment of top secret documents to election crimes and sedition, involving the storming of the capital.

What is further disconcerting is that there is a man who’s considering running for president and challenging Donald Trump. In order for Ron DeSantis to have a realistic chance to defeat Trump in the primaries, he must stipulate that many of Trump’s ideas and accomplishments we’re good for the country. The problem is not Trump’s overall perspective of our country, but rather his destructive personality and his inability to govern in an organized fashion.

It may seem obnoxious that I’m being so critical of the two men who are leading the polls for the presidency. Biden is avoiding all contact with the press and building a wall around himself because of his inability to put two coherent sentences together. His own people don’t trust him to give speeches and field ad hoc questions.

Trump is continuing to act the way he did during the first round of his political career. He’s attacking every Republican and Democrat who disagrees or challenges him in an insulting way.

As one voter, I am sickened that there is a possibility that these two men will square off and the winner will be president again. I’m ashamed that the United States does not have more qualified and attractive people to be president. We are at a crossroads politically in the United States and internationally so that we must have the best possible people leading us. There are more problems now than ever in the history of the country and the ability of the leaders that we are electing to office has eroded materially. It’s a sad moment for the US.

2 thoughts on “Biden No, Trump No

  1. Once again you have proved you are the smartest right half back I know.
    Seriously we as a nation will have to wait for both of these candidates to disappear before we can progress. The worry is there is no new body on the horizon who I feel will be able to unite this country once again. The political divide is still too strong. We must lose the radical element on both sides, move to the middle and solve the problems that exist today. Other individuals are not given the chance to express themselves or interject any new solutions to the problems at hand.
    Biden is too old, Trump has his ignorant minions behind him and is a despicable individual with criminal tendencies, no others are appealing.
    I pray for someone from either side to emerge and be the hope this country needs.
    Keep up the good work, Sal. I always enjoy your posts!!!

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