It’s Iran, Stupid!

It’s difficult to decipher the true reasons for the calamity in Gaza and surrounding areas. All we are sure of is that Hamas terrorists killed, raped, pillaged and frightened Israelis living in settlements close to the Gaza/Israeli border. The atrocities committed by the group will go down in history as one of the most disgraceful acts against humanity. Now Israel and the US are trying to seek justice by killing every one of the sinful attackers. But, are they barking up the wrong tree?

The true scoundrel is Iran who supplied, trained and encouraged Hamas to do their dirty work. Without Iran, Hamas would not have been able to commit these murderous and despicable acts. As a matter of fact, Iran has been responsible for a great deal of terror and criminal activity in the region for years. The leaders hide behind their holy scriptures to justify violent behavior.

Most recently, Iran has funded actions against its enemies, Sunni Arabs and Israel. They are in the shadows, providing training, money and weapons. They use Shia militia groups to stir up trouble. In addition to the Hamas debacle, Iran allegedly is funding rocket launches by Hezbollah from Lebanon, and attacks against US bases in Syria and Iraq. And, it is still working on the development of a nuclear weapon, which it will use to intimidate its neighbors.

It seems to me that Iran has already declared war on Israel, the US and the Sunni Arabs. Why aren’t we using our military forces against Iran before it develops a WMD?

The true enemy of peace in the Middle East is Iran. It stands out for supporting terrorism and chaos. Why aren’t UN countries condemning Iran actions? Why is the world allowing Iran to cause trouble without interference?

It may be aggressive on my part to suggest a war with Iran. But, if it doesn’t happen soon, it may take place after Iran has nuclear weapons. And I don’t believe that Iran would stand up to a joint US Iraqi Israeli onslaught for more than a few days.

Conflict is inevitable. Iran must be stopped.

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