Hillary Clinton’s No Slam Dunk

By Sal Bommarito

The presidential campaign is getting stranger by the minute. The participants are jockeying for position in the upcoming Iowa and New Hampshire primaries and making increasingly more partisan comments. But, let’s focus in on Hillary Clinton and the two guys competing against her.

Unbelievably, Hil is being challenged by Bernie Sanders, who has pulled close to her in Iowa. Hil just can’t catch a break. In 2008, an unknown community organizer with absolutely no experience took her to the cleaners. All of her resume high points, including being First Lady for eight years and serving as a senator, came to nothing in the end.

Now, a guy whose greatest initiative as president will be to abscond as much money from the affluent and create the largest welfare state in history, is making Clinton sweat.

In the meantime, Hil is being tormented on a number of fronts for alleged improprieties. The FBI is investigating Email-gate. Conservative pols and movie makers are saying she lied during Benghazi-gate. And Democrats can’t believe she is endorsing OB’s legacies, such as handing Iran nukes on a silver platter, leading from behind in the Middle East and making prisoner swaps with kidnappers and terrorists. I suppose the Obamas and the Clintons kissed and made up. It’s interesting what politicians will do for their legacy and careers.

The most captivating episode relates to the reemergence of Bill Clinton on the political scene in support of his wife. There are a few things of note. They include the activities of the Clinton Foundation. Apparently, Bill was collecting really big checks from foreign countries in exchange for favors. Sometimes favors involved making speeches, and other times, it is alleged, the donors received favorable consideration from Hil’s State Department.

Donald Trump is saying that Bill’s dalliances are fair game in the campaign, given that Hil is criticizing Republicans for being anti-women (along with several other “anti” designations). As you may remember, Hil was indelicate towards all the women who accused Bill of indiscretions.

And finally, Hil is torn about using her hubby on the stump. The bottom line is that she is no better than mediocre giving political speeches. But, when she has to follow Bill, she  sounds really awful.

It’s a waste of time discussing Sanders because he really has no chance to win the nomination. Nobody really cares about Iowa or New Hampshire except Iowa and New Hampshire residents. Starting with South Carolina, Clinton will blow her Democratic competitors away; that includes the other guy that was on stage this weekend during the debates.

The fact that Sanders has been afforded any credibility speaks loudly about our political system in general and the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, something is going on in the country that is causing voters to eschew establishment candidates in favor of outsiders, renegades and loudmouths.

Well, you can’t get more outside than Sanders. He wants to bring down capitalism along with all the banks. He plans to tax the hell out of the affluent far beyond the current 50% or so level and give trillions to the poor, even if they are able bodied.

World leaders are going to be laughing hysterically if America votes Trump or Sanders into office. I firmly believe most Americans appreciate this, so it will not happen. Unfortunately, the alternatives are pretty sad as well.


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