Ted Cruz Should End His Presidential Campaign

By Sal Bommarito

Yesterday’s events were a crushing blow for Ted Cruz. Two political powerhouses gave him the cold shoulder, which may very well end senator’s campaign to become president.

Terry Branstad, the Republican governor of Iowa “wants Cruz to be defeated” in his state’s caucuses. He said the Texas senator was a “big oil candidate” who would be bad for Iowa’s large farming and agricultural sectors.

The senator’s stance on ethanol subsidies (he’s against them) could be a deal breaker. Additionally, Cruz’s opposition to renewable energy (the wind energy tax credit) is going to hurt him with voters.

To make matters worse, Sarah Palin, the conservative former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate, shocked the Republican Party by endorsing Donald Trump.

Palin is a hugely popular figure among Tea Party members and was a strong supporter of Cruz in his campaign to become senator in Texas. But, she abandoned him for the more moderate Trump.

Palin said, “He’s going rogue left and right, man.” Not sure what the lady is referring to, but it seems to have rung a bell with Iowa voters. Trump lauded Palin’s influence over conservatives in the country.

Cruz has employed a risky political strategy since his election to the Senate. He has strained relations with just about everybody in Washington including his fellow Republicans. Generally, he believes Republicans are not conservative enough, and they have not opposed President Obama’s policies as vigorously as they should have. For his overall perspectives, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has labeled Cruz a “wacko bird.”

Frankly, many have been surprised that Cruz has done as well as he has to this point. He is a great debater and very smooth on stage and on the political trail, which accounts for much of his popularity. But, he has little support away from evangelicals and unhappy right wing Americans. This base would not be large enough to carry the presidential election in the minds of most.

Cruz has taken the strongest stance on the most controversial issues in America including abortion, gay rights, welfare and immigration. Most disconcerting is his aversion to even consider compromise.

It’s time for Cruz to walk away from the election. He has insufficient political support from his own party and from members of the Tea Party. Ironically, Sarah Palin, a Tea Party rock star, has driven a stake into the heart of Cruz’s political dream.


One thought on “Ted Cruz Should End His Presidential Campaign

  1. Ted Cruz will not win the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. It appears that Donald Trump or Marco Rubio will. His own party must recognize by now that he can never win the general election as he is far too right wing in his beliefs that quite frankly only attract the Christian evangelicals.

    Cruz could never win the swing states including New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia. He needs them all to win the general election – that is not going to happen. He also will never get the women’s vote with his stand on right to life.

    News reports say that Cruz is counting on the four million conservative voters who supposedly stayed home in 2012 because there was not a real conservative Republican running last time around when Mitt gave it a try. There are problems with this strategy. Expectations of a surge of new conservative voters because of Cruz being a full-blown conservative is wishful thinking at best.

    I don’t think he will withdraw, so the Republican Party will have to make it clear to Ted that he is not going to be their choice.

    Rob Ryan

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