Are You Really Going To Vote For Hillary Clinton?

By Sal Bommarito

Should you support Hillary Clinton? She was supposed to walk away with the nomination and annihilate any Republican challenger (just like in 2008?). It’s not working out because many voters are really tired of Clinton’s arrogance and entitlement. And, just like the old days, Hillary has given us much to substantiate our doubts about her integrity.

Clinton continues to be caught up in lies and distortions. Three specific situations are worth considering.

Clinton was Secretary of State when the U.S. embassy in Benghazi was attacked in September 2011. The ambassador and three other Americans were murdered that day. Immediately, Clinton and her minions vociferously attributed the attack to an anti-Muslim video that denigrated the prophet Mohammad. Yet, Clinton emailed her daughter at the same time and said, terrorists conducted the attacks.

Skeptics queried why the administration continued to insist that the Benghazi event was not a terrorist incident. It became clear that Clinton was protecting the president who was running to serve a second term; the election was just a few weeks after the terrorist incident. Previously, Barack Obama told the nation that terrorism was under control, and the terrorist attack contradicted his declaration. The real truth may have changed the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. It should be noted that the administration changed its view and said that terrorists were responsible. The leader of the terrorists has since been apprehended.

It has been determined that Hillary Clinton used a private email account and a personal server for government business, a violation of policy. Clinton responded publicly that it was an unfortunate oversight and no big deal because she didn’t use the email account for any communications that would endanger our national security.

Over the past few days, emails on Clinton’s server have been discovered that were “top secret/sap level,” the highest government classification. Another lie by Clinton has been unearthed.

And finally, did Hillary Clinton use her position as Secretary of State to enrich the Clinton Foundation? The investigation is continuing, but suffice it to say that foreign contributors who made large donation may have received favors from Clinton’s State Department.

Should a person who apparently lies whenever it is convenient be elected president? Should the nation consider a candidate that may be indicted by the F.B.I.? What’s going to happen to our election process if Clinton must withdraw from the campaign before or after the Democratic Convention? Who’s going to replace her, it this occurs?

Once again, the Clintons are creating controversy by their questionable actions. It appears that voters are becoming more frustrated by the continuing dramas that follow Hillary and her husband. This may be the principal reason that Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, is gaining ground on the overwhelming favorite.


One thought on “Are You Really Going To Vote For Hillary Clinton?

  1. Sal, the issues you detail about Hillary Clinton are absolutely accurate. But, so what? There are too many ill-informed people in this country who would vote for her. It’s upsetting to think that any one person could want power as much as she and not be bothered by all the legitimate negative criticism leveled against her. Tells you something about how a politician’s mind works, doesn’t it? Or, maybe it tells you something about how a psychotic mind works. Either way, what’s wrong with this country that a person who is under scrutiny for a serious indictment is allowed to run for the highest position in the land? We haven’t enjoyed the cream of the crop with the past number of presidents. If Lady Clinton is allowed to slip under the radar we’re in real trouble. It’s very difficult to have any faith in our government when people with personality disorders are allowed to control it.

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