The Fat Lady Is Singing Trump’s Song

By Sal Bommarito

Now that Jeb Bush has mercifully suspended his campaign, the picture is becoming clearer for Republicans. The Trump phenomenon is real and has momentum. His goal of obtaining the nomination is a fait acccompli according to many political gurus.

Trump’s ability to connect with the electorate has been a total surprise to America. In the meantime, he’s turned the election process upside down. Everything about the man runs counter to what has taken place in presidential races in the past century. Yet he keeps winning.

Political correctness has been cast aside. In the past, when a candidate lost his composure and unveiled his deepest and darkest feelings to voters, he was lambasted. Not so any more.

Trump emotes loudly about every thing on his mind, and voters love it. Moreover, he insults everyone without any concern of reprisals. His targets have been illegal aliens who he depicts as criminals and the dregs from societies south of our border. He has categorized Muslims globally as potential terrorists and says he will ban them from entering the U.S. He calls his opponents stupid, liars, losers and incompetents. All the while, the electorate revels in his circus sideshow.

Particularly unnerving is Trump deftness in dancing around the issues that are so passionate to him, while the media sits by and never calls him on it. In a nutshell, he says he will make America a winner, but he provides no specifics. How does Trump plan to round up millions of illegal aliens and send them back to their countries of origin? It’s a subterfuge and will not happen.

But the real achievement of Trump’s campaign is his ability to connect with the frustrations of so many diverse groups of people. He has emboldened many Americans to emerge from the shadows and say exactly what’s on their minds. We are now able to discuss freely how much we despise people that threaten our financial and national security without being labeled a bigot. These situations span people of all walks of life from low-income workers to one percenters.

The writing is on the wall. Trump is going to crush Cruz in the next few primaries; he’s even winning the hearts of evangelicals, a group that Cruz is very dependent upon. Somehow, Trump’s bravado and vulgar rampages haven’t turned off religious people.

Marco Rubio will soon have an epiphany- it’s not time for him to be president. He will likely begin to make noises that he wants to be vice president in a Trump administration.

So, Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. Will he win the general election? Consider that Hillary Clinton is being outed every day for being a liar and an opportunist. And, Bernie Sanders is a socialist.

Yeah, Trump is going to win, unless Mike Bloomberg can figure out a way to deprive Bloomberg and Clinton of an electoral majority, and win the election in Congress.

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