Most Americans Think Clinton Is Untrustworthy

By Sal Bommarito

What do Americans think about Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness?

Voters will elect a new president in November. The most likely Democrat nominee is Clinton. The question many are asking is why are any voters supporting a person who is so devoid of character, and who lies to the electorate as if we are all fools?

I know, all politicians fib and distort the truth to get ahead. But Clinton’s reputation as measured by recent polls is eye-popping.

As evidence, I will present two recent polls by Gallup and Quinnipac University that clearly indicate that the majority of voters are well aware of Clinton’s moral shortcomings.

In the Gallup poll, the top overall impression of Clinton is “dishonest.” In a survey that too place between February 13-14, U.S. adults had the following negative reactions to Clinton:

Dishonest                               21%

Dislike                                       9%

Criminal                                    7%

Not good for the country      3%

Overall, Democrats were split 52% positive and 27% negative, while Republicans were 77% negative.

A Quinnipac University survey asked the following question: “Is your opinion of Hillary Clinton favorable, unfavorable or haven’t you heard enough about her?”

The response was:

2/10-2/16      Favorable      Unfavorable

Rep.                   8%                    90%

Dem.                76%                   20%

Ind.                   31%                  61%

Overall              37%                58%


Hillary Clinton has been dogged regarding her character for years. All Americans know that she twists the truth to achieve her ends. More recently, Clinton has been outed on numerous occasions relating to Benghazi and the email scandal (for which she may be indicted) that have been well publicized.

Why do Americans continue to support candidates with such obvious character flaws? Shouldn’t our presidents be honest and transparent with their constituencies? Why shouldn’t Americans expect Clinton to be untruthful about serious issue if she gains the White House?

Democrats can do better than Clinton, and the socialist Bernie Sanders for that matter.

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