Our country really wants change. Our economy is sluggish as many Americans continue to struggle to make ends meet. The threat of terrorism has never been greater. Unstable countries with power-hungry leaders are buying and developing nuclear devices. Efforts to reform immigration laws have been feeble. Crime in the nation continues to bewilder our leaders. The U.S. has been stretched thin by inane trade and security arrangements with countries around the world.

Donald Trump promises to address these and a number of other issues that are negatively impacting America. Unfortunately his inability to overcome verbal gaffes and previous bad behavior coupled with a personality that most find offensive have overwhelmed his campaign and made it impossible for him to win in November.

But Democrats and disloyal Republicans that have abandoned Trump should not rejoice, given that Trump is about the only candidate who Hillary Clinton can defeat.

The country doesn’t trust her because she is a serial liar. She has proven that she would do anything to be elected president. She is one step ahead of the law and, in the minds of many Americans, should be indicted for obstruction of justice relating to her email scandal.

At this point the only hope for Republicans is that Trump retires before the election to his palatial home in the tower named after him. It’s unclear what would transpire if this occurred. Who would take his place on the ballot? Would Pence become the Republican candidate for president? Could Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney replace Trump? Is it possible to make changes to state ballots this late in the game? Nevertheless I believe just about any other legitimate Republican candidate would defeat Clinton even at this late stage.

Given that Clinton will be likely be victorious, it’s worth considering whether her presidency will be successful. What can we expect from her? Skeptics are asking whether she will continue to lie and distort every substantive issue even as president. Will she increase the level of secrecy that has shrouded the White House for the past eight years?

If Democrats do not win the House and gain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, Hillary will be unable to govern effectively. She will have to resort to rule by fiat, employing executive orders to circumvent the powers of Congress, just the way the Obama did during his tenure.

Furthermore Clinton will continue the failed policies of Barack Obama, in some eyes the most ineffective president in recent history. He unwisely tried to outsmart opponents domestically and it resulted in an unproductive and contentious government. Internationally Obama’s policies have been disastrous. Every country in the world looks down on the U.S. and eschews our input on critical issues. If you have any doubts about this phenomenon read the speeches at the United Nations.

Does anyone really believe that Clinton has the gravitas to contend with the likes of Putin, Kim Jong-il, Bashar al-Assad and the Ayatollahs in Iran? Will Clinton continue to honor the U.S. blood pact with Israel?

Clinton will likely enter the White House in January. She will have a very weak mandate. After all, her average unfavorable rating is well above 50%. The deck is stacked against her because she will inevitably be compared to her husband. And, she has no choice but to continue the progressive policies of Obama, which are basically to redistribute wealth and placate the most liberal wing of her party (the Bernie Sanders effect). She will fight relentlessly with conservatives who in turn will obstruct every new initiative and every nomination to the Supreme Court.

I will not vote for Clinton under any circumstances. She doesn’t deserve to be president because she has proven she is not a leader. Her actions while Secretary of State resulted in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and have the potential for many more as she paved the way for Iran to build a nuclear weapon. She made a mockery of due process by knowingly destroying evidence that would have proven she broke the law, a result of her social media addiction.

I cannot support Trump either. I admit it. I flip-flopped. He is incapable of controlling his temperament. And, do we really want another president with an over active libido?

Great! America has nominated two incompetent and undeserving people to be the next leader of the free world. I guess we all knew it would come down to this.


  1. Sal, Sal, Sal.

    Take a deep breath.

    So just a questions first – if you don’t vote for HRC – who will you vote for?

    Trump is fighting a multi-level front (the bias press, the Clinton Machine and the Republican Party). This is a very difficult fight to win; but with less than a month before the election – somehow he is still standing.

    You suggest the notion that perhaps the only hope tor the Republican Party is that Trump retires before the election. Trump is not going to quit Sal, he is going to ride this horse to the end. He has absolutely no investment in the Republican Party, he is the rebel with a cause and has close to 40% of the people in this country that want a change no matter how mercurial he behaves. His supporters would riot in the street if a Paul Ryan or a Mitt Romney came in to try to save the day and play the last second sub. His supporters are tired of the same old, same old. I suspect that most of them are going to go to the voting booth and vote for him – he is still raising Huge crowds even after all his poor behavior. Hillary is not pulling a crowd to her rallies, few like her. The Democrats don’t like her anymore the Republicans like Donald – but she represents the past – Trump, like him or not, represents unconventional CHANGE for The Future. So this is not about the parties anymore – he is acting as an independent and at a large portion of the US want a changing of the guard in Washington – even if he loses he will have caused us to look at ourselves and demand change up and down the line – in that respect – he already won.

    Men in power often have an issue controlling their over sexed libido; they are the Alpha Dogs. But we should not be eliminating a Presidential candidate because of a comment made in private and revealed by Access Hollywood which is simply a trash gossip show. Come on America – you listen to RAP you idolize Hollywood, you advertise sex, sex and more sex every day and yes both genders are guilty of saying things that are revolting from time to time – none of us are perfect and we all kind of live in our own glass house – let’s get over the BS and start focusing on what are we going to do to force Change and get America moving forward – it will start in the voting booth.

    Look we don’t see eye to eye on a lot, but I can’t pull the lever for her. She is bad news. And more is coming out each day – it’s going to get even uglier. This is a bloody hard to watch heavyweight fight, and we are in the championship rounds, he is the relentless underdog that came out swinging Sunday (heck I did not even watch the Giant game) and he won in spite of the multi-front war he is waging against all comers. HRC claimed she was bullied; “Right, tell that to Monica” as no one was more bullied than her. Trump is his own worst enemy but he will fight to the end – and he still has a punches chance to win this thing.

    Don’t underestimate how mad America is – they want to shake up Washington – he already has done that – let’s see what kind of closer he really is.

    And this is coming from a guy that voted for Obama twice, and for the same reason – I wanted CHANGE – Obama was smooth and he is a great salesman. Trump is a great salesman – HRC is not, she has blind ambition, willing to throw her own friends under the bus, and is a perpetual liar, a cheat, and in my opinion a catalyst for either the suicide or murder of other important people with ties to her efforts– I believe this to be true and I will not under any circumstance vote for her; who’s character is far worse that her opponents.

    She will in the end reap what she sews; and, it’s about time.
    Have a lovely day Sal,

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