The presidential election can be distilled down to one simple question: Who’s worse?

Trump supporters say America has nothing to lose by electing an outsider who has not been corrupted or compromised by the current political system. They say Obama’s game plan has been a dismal failure over the past eight years, and Clinton has been an important contributor to global problems. In particular they reference the chaos in the Middle East, the evolution of ISIS, nuclear proliferation in Iran and a series of bad economic and military arrangements that are draining U.S. resources. And also, most Americans question Clinton’s trustworthiness.

Clinton supporters say Trump is unfit to lead America. His temperament is volcanic and unpredictable. He sticks his foot into his mouth too often, and childishly uses social media to attack anyone who disagrees with him. His knowledge of both world and domestic affairs is sophomoric. He is a misogynist, a liar and a blow hard. His business acumen, supposedly his strong suit, has come under attack because of huge operating losses incurred by his companies. Many have doubted his claim to have a multi-billion dollar net worth, and yet he refuses to provide financial statements that substantiate this fact.

Frankly, neither candidate has any redeeming qualities. America should be ashamed that Trump and Clinton are our only choices. What really is disconcerting to some pragmatic Americans is the adulation of Clinton by her supporters. To be fair, I know far more people that are going to hold their noses and vote for Clinton rather than Trump. So I hear their nonsensical arguments too often. To suggest that her presidency will be a boon to our economy, to our reputation abroad, to minorities, to women, to our decaying cities, to law and order is simply wishful thinking.

The Clintons have dedicated their lives to gaining power, accumulating wealth and dodging scandal after scandal. Most know that Hillary and Bill have been partners in countless nefarious schemes and ethically questionable activities over the years. Yet America has come back to the well for another drink.

Hillary Clinton has no new plans to make America a better place. She has sold her soul to the most progressive elements in the country. She had to win the support of the socialist, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama to have a chance to win the presidency. Both men made deals with Clinton in exchange for their support.

Sanders nearly upset Clinton’s aspirations by out-campaigning her in the primaries. But his ideas were so off-the-wall that he couldn’t possibly win the nomination especially since the Democratic establishment had ordained Clinton to be the nominee. But Hillary needs the votes of young people so she agreed to support some of Sanders’ most ridiculous proposals. One of the most inane and reckless was free college and expunging existing college debt.

Everybody knows the Obamas and the Clintons hate each other. Books have been written on the subject. The reasons have been fleshed out in the press for years. All of a sudden Obama is sashaying around the country espousing Hillary’s abilities to be president. Why?

I hasten to point out that this was not the first time the two made a “deal.” Obama chose Clinton as his Secretary of State. That was a move to gain her political support, or at least silence her. Now Obama was offering his help to get her elected if she would work to bolster his legacies. Clinton essentially agreed to adopt Obama’s worldview. In exchange she tacitly or overtly agreed to not dismantle Obamacare, renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal, send U.S. ground troops to the Middle East to fight ISIS or bar Muslims from entering the country.

So everyone who votes for Clinton should realize that nothing would change if she were elected. Clinton is committed to all the same progressive programs that Obama touted.

I have no alternative solutions to the problems I see on our horizon. It’s likely that Republicans will retain a majority in the House or retain at least 41 votes in the Senate. If true our government will be just as ineffective for the next four years as it has been for the last eight.

If Clinton wins, our Supreme Court will be stacked with left wing justices so the standoff between liberal and conservative forces will tilt far to the left.

I don’t know what I’m going to do on Election Day, but I won’t vote for either Trump or Clinton.



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